Is the study of ancient civilizations important?

Asked by: Cat47
  • Yes, look at your freaking money.

    If our futures are dependent on our government and our government is obviously into ancient history along with biblical prophecy and hiding archeological evidence, raiding museums of other nations, and obviously believers in past repeating itself. I could go on forever but here is one example Numbers 21:9. After you read that verse look at our president to be's first political out coming. Read verse than look at his public rally running for president. It's obvious somebody, now lots of bodies are force filling a book most would say is ancient. So short answer is no, ignore ancient history! Ha

  • Modern technology calls for a massive revision in everything, including the idea that the past is reliable.

    The past, and thus ancinet cultures, had all of the wonderful things we don't like today: oppression of woman, extreme racism, bloody wars for God or king or country, royalty that commanded ruthlessly and so much more. This however needed to happen. Society is built on the progress of every generation before it, meaning all of the horrible stuff needed to be there so that we could progressive get rid of it. Now, in a day and age when everyone can talk to each, share anything, trade anything, put any thought anywhere, at speeds that were once impossible, this has shattered all ideas of what was once possible and old foundations that were there to hold society together are no longer needed. Studying the past is important because it tells us how we got to where we are today, but "Ancient Cultures" should be a hobby and that's kind of it.

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