• Obviously it is.

    Seriously how can it not be barley any action mostly ads only two teams lots of protection. At least you get to destroy your own town after you win because lol. "After your team become champions of the world" in a sport where the whole world definitely participates in. Yep.

  • Overpriced, Overpaid, crybabies

    At over $2,000 for a seat in the nose bleeds. You would think the hotdogs and beer would be free. Watching players that whine about wanting multi-million contracts to chase a ball back and forth is completely absurd. The half time slut prance will never make the game any better!

  • It's total BS

    The Superbowl is nothing but a glorified football game where it rarely differs from a regular football game. Hell, I can turn on ESPN right now to a football game and confuse it for the Superbowl. They just make it a yearly event and expect it to be more special!

  • It's highly Overrated

    It's a complete waste of time, most likely your team isn't playing in the Super Bowl. The Commericals aren't funny, the half time shows are ok. I'm not interested in who's performing during a sporting event. The NFL just want to make dollars off our expense! No more football period

  • Any team can win on any given Sunday.

    The best teams do not always make it or win the Superbowl. It is one game on a Sunday and a dropped pass here or missed field goal there can decide fate. Once the game finally starts, it is just another game. I love football, but this overpriced and over hyped game with 4 million dollar commercials is getting ridiculous.

  • Thee Superbowl is EXTREMELY over rated!

    I strongly feel the Superbowl is extremely over rated!!! First, to watch the damn game in person INSANELY expensive. Second, many of the people who get into the game, and all it's pre-hype things every year, are not even fans of the teams that are playing. I have seen this all the time. I mean, heck, what the hell are you getting excited for if it is not your team?! I am a NY Yankees fan, and though I am no longer passionate about the game and the team as I used to be, I still consider myself a fan. Hence, if they make it to baseballs big game, the World Series, I will of course be watching it (as well as the playoffs). But if it is another team in the World Series, with the exception of the Mets, I could absolutely care less who is in it. But even if one excludes those who like to watch even if it is not your team, I believe there are many who watch simply because it is "The Super Bowl," the thing to do, you know. And $4 million for a commercial... I don't care how funny a commercial maybe, that is just taking extreme advantage.
    To wrap up I would add that the media attention to this is ridiculous, there are FAAARRRRRR more important things in the world that deserve attention. And all this "Superbowl Blvd." nonsense in Times Square is a waste of money and city resources.

  • Overrated & overpriced rubbish.

    It's a meaningless event where people will pay thousands of USD to watch a game in brutal weather, excess markup on food served in stadiums and a bunch of Super Bowl related junk that end up in a bin in a week. AFAIK, even to watch a 10-meter TV screen outside of a stadium even costs hundreds of USD. As for the "Sunday Ticket" it's just as bad - 300 USD to watch 5 minutes of Handball (No, it's not a damn game of football) and hours of TV commercials. And there's a wall of cars lined up in every suburb, clogging up traffic even more.

  • Yes, for the most part.

    Unless your team is playing, it's not much of a thrill. Most of the people I know, men and women, watch more for the commercials and the half time show, rather then for the game. It's hard to get excited about a sporting event if the team you support isn't playing.

  • The Grand Distraction

    Sports, while fun and healthy to play on a personal level, serve only as a form of societal distraction on a level such as the Super Bowl. Just like a less lethal Roman gladiatorial competition at the Colosseum, events such as the Super Bowl serve to distract people from important issues of the day as they focus their energy on watching other people play a game.

  • It Depends On The Year

    The Super Bowl becomes meaningless when the game is terrible. Sometimes, there have been blowouts that just damage the sport of football, given the amount of press and attention the Super Bowl gets every year. Still, most of the games are exciting for both causal and passionate watchers of football.

    Posted by: rpr
  • It Is Not Overrated

    The word overrated is overrated, not the Super Bowl. It is the biggest sporting event of the year and everyone watches it. People that don't even like football watch the Super Bowl. Something that has the amount of viewers the Super Bowl has cannot be overrated. If anything it is underrated.

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