• It's not rigged its altered and controlled!!!

    The officials completely control the game, there are many holds, illegal blocks, and other nonsense that occur during a game that do not get shown on tv or called. We all know this, is it so hard to believe that the officials can call a hold or not call a hold when it suits making it a more interesting? NO, it's not and its not hard to see the nfl pulled the plug on the lights to give the 49ers a chance but didn't have them call that hold at he end of game which would have given the 49ers another shot to win and RAY LEWIS gets fairy tale ending... So controlled that game was!!!!

  • It's always down to the wire

    And it makes sense, if I paid millions for ad time and the game was a shutout with everyone tuning out of the game I'd want something done too. Best example was last superbowl with the "Power outage" right after the winning team made countless rookie mistakes like fumbling to the other team... All too bring the game back to a neck and neck finish. It's crap

  • With that kind of money on the line it has to be.

    It's really not hard to rig a game, you just need to control a few of the Officials and you control the game. And the officials in the SB where not calling all kinds of stuff and then calling random things that where hardly penalties at all.

    If you just have the 3 right people in on it you can completely control a game.

  • It's all about the money

    The way I saw it, the game was quickly turning into a boring landslide game until the power outage happened. It's almost as if someone up top needed time to deliver a message to their inplants. Suddenly power is back on and the game is completely different. Also, they got to show more Super Bowl advertisements. Win-Win.

  • Propoganda strikes NFL

    I cannot rule out the argument in favor of a fixed Super Bowl...I mean NBA refs came out and stated fixing games and those were pre season. This game favored gamblers and mafiosos edging bets on the Ravens. Money talks, losing team walks...and for the capitalists upstairs this was a rig away from corrupt sports...we can never really know for sure but my best bet, no pun intended, is a rigged game

  • Why not?

    When there is that much money at stake, who wouldn't rig it? I don't mean who got to the Super Bowl, I mean the power outage and the blowout suddenly turning into a down-to-the-wire game. The NFL, the media, businesses that advertise, no one want to have a boring Super Bowl game and let's face it, that's what it was until the power outage.

  • Accept the obvious.

    Yes, with all that money at stake, the Super Bowl cannot be a blow-out landslide victory so clearly in the first half. So, people had to concoct a "reasonable" scenario to offset the pace of the game. The lengthy duration of the power outage probably was the time it took to figure out a way to even up the scores, convincingly. And the Ravens coach screaming at the NFL official looked like bad acting to me. While games are typically not fixed, some are, and probably this one. That said, the Ravens simply played better than the Niners last night, the "fix" didn't really alter the outcome.

  • Completely Rigged

    49ers have won every game. The "power" went out. That extra 30 mins gave them the edge and even the sports announcers said it during the "power outage". This is completely rigged. It reminds me of WWE wrestling...they play to the crowd and make it interesting to the very end.

  • NFL is totally rigged

    Just watch the game. NE was suppose to win. I'm sorry, but there's no way Atlanta is gonna be that hot in the first half and then just stop. BS. Watch the game winning touch down and keep your eye on #45. He was held, blocked in the back, and even tackled preventing him from making the tackle. It was plain as day. No way the ref didn't see it. That's not the only obvious missed calls. The whole game is manipulated

  • All pro sport is rigged

    Billions of dollars involved in gambling alone. Then consider demographics and more profitable markets for tv deals,merchandise and so on.
    Way too much money involved in pro sports to leave it to chance.
    The owners all share in the profits of the league. It's just like any other entertainment PRODUCTION, big starts, supporting actors , DRAMA!
    Theres a circus to suit everyone's taste.
    Football,Baseball,Basketball,Hockey, Soccer, the list goes on.
    Too many of us waste valuable time and invest imotionally in this nonsense .
    "Your team won" and your life changed how?

  • Who would really put that much effort into it?

    There's just as much money with the losers as there are with the winners, so why would they need to rig it? In a game like the Superbowl, adrenaline is running high and dramatic things happen. Stress can make a coach or a QB call a stupid play. It's so easy for "viewers" to look from the sidelines and say "what was a stupid play". It's all about perception. The internet can make anything look the way the source is trying to get you perceive it. Only when there is some solid evidence of two teams meeting before a game and rehearsing will I believe it's rigged. I mean, how long do you think the NFL could pull this off? Crazy.

  • It's practically impossible

    Ya some of the calls made are dumb and some things aren't called but that's just the refs screwing up. There are thousands of people in the stands watching so if they cut stuff out when they air it on tv then there are still the people in the stands. Plus how would they be able to rig it what do they do have the two teams secretly meet up and practice the exact steps and plays and everything? I dought it. The super bowl isn't rigged!

  • Expect the unexpected based on reoccurring events!

    Although Payton Manning had a record breaking season, this upset had to be seen coming. Think back to the AFC Championship game in which Manning and the Broncos defeated New England. Talib, Wilfork, Mayo, Spikes, and other impact players were missing from the Patriots defense yet Manning only managed to put up 26 points. 26 is not bad itself, but for the greatest offense in history verses primarily a backup defense, more than 26 is expected. Before that, Denver barely managed to get passed San Diego. Seattle has 3 all pro defensive backs and a phenomenal interior. The way the last two games went for Denver, this had to be expected against a much better defense.

  • The SuperBowl isn't rigged

    While I do believe the NFL tried to drum up as much drama, suspense and other stuff not related to the game, I don't think the actual game is rigged. The Superbowl honestly I feel is one of those things you don't mess around with. One of he most highly watched sporting events in the world.

  • The Super Bowl is in No Way Rigged

    The idea that the Super Bowl is rigged is unfathomable. Of course, there are many people who believe that professional sports are rigged but there has never been any substantive proof. Rigging the Super Bowl would make zero sense. The only way it would make sense if it for some reason a bigger market team was in and they could make a large amount of money by "fixing" the game. It's impossible for many reasons but most importantly it's just a stupid idea.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • I Doubt It

    The Super Bowl is such a time honored tradition in America that I doubt very much it would be rigged. The teams work so hard season after season to get there. I don't think anyone would give up the opportunity to play or coach the game of a lifetime at the Super Bowl.

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