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  • Yes it is a horrible movie

    I have to consider this movie to be one of the worst I have ever seen, and I generally do not like dissing peoples work but it was really that bad. With a 1 through 10 I would give it a 2 because it was a cheesy movie without much of a story line.

  • Not as "Bad" as Others

    For this topic, I will kind of state why the Super Mario Bros. Movie isn't as bad as people interpret. For my reasoning, lets look at the plot from the game. It is basically a plumber, who jumps over mushrooms and turtles, in order the save a princess. Easy enough concept for a game, but is it easy to make it a movie? In fact, it is actually a challenge to make the idea into a movie. Super Mario Bros. The Movie actually was very creative with its idea, instead of doing the expected. It kept us, the viewers, off our feet! For the plot, I admit that it was not the "greatest", but it could have been worse. I think Super Mario Bros the Movie gets a bad reputation, than other movies; but isn't the worst out of many movies. Think about the movie "Jack and Jill". If were talking about bad movies, there is a winner right there.

  • It was interesting

    The game have zero story or very minimal one, So if it was really different I don’t mind at all, If it was to loyal it will be worse cause it doesn’t translate well to film, The acting and effects were good, And it was entertaining

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