• Yes, the Superbowl is highly overrated.

    Yes, the Superbowl is highly overrated. It has become apparent over the years football has become America's favorite sport while being forced down our throats though the media. One can barely get through a TV program without seeing some sort of football merchandise or player on a commerical. It is literally everywhere! As a person that hates watching football, I have looked at this objectively and have come to the conclusion that it is more hype than beneficial to the American psyche. The things football stood for that were great qualities are now replaced by commercials, money, and pop culture.

  • No it's not

    The Superbowl is definitely not overrated. It is the biggest sporting event of the year and has turned into a national event. People get together with friends to watch the game, watch the commercials, and have a good time. I would not call this overrated. The Superbowl should be recognized for everything it is.

  • I think not

    I think it is not overrated. Maybe little in those ads and much money invested, money for streams and other things but it is America's kid of tradition and it is airing in almost every country in the world. Im not from USA and i watch superbowl every year on tv.

  • The Super Bowl is a great event that provides entertainment for everyone.

    As a sports fan, I always look forward to the Super Bowl and enjoy watching the game. It only happens once per year, and it's just an exciting night. However, even people who don't like football enjoy the Super Bowl. The commercials are usually very entertaining, and there's a big halftime show. It's a fantastic event with something for everyone.

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