• Oh most definitely.

    Just look at how the vote broke down. The female justices voted in favor. The men voted against.

    Men will always be a bit blind to the perspective women live in. They aren't women, so they can't understand.

    I'm a feminist, extremely enlightened and empathetic, and I don't always understand or grasp many of the systemic patriarchal bigotries which exist in western society.

    The courts are very biased, especially. Manned by old men, one of whom is a noted sexual harasser.

  • Yes, the Supreme Court is Absolutly Biased Against Gender

    This bias can be seen so clearly in the recent Hobby Lobby case, where corporations were granted rights over a women's reproductive choices. Women should not be made a lesser species because of their sex, but when the Supreme Court denies the right to birth control and reproductive choices, this becomes a problem. You can also see this bias in the wage gap.

  • Please Please Please

    If anything, women in America get a free pass with everything. All the laws in America favor women. Women are the majority gender and only make up 7% of prisoners in this nation. Women in America have become clueless and just complain about everything and anything. It is so crazy that women will fight for abortion so they can abort future women. On one hand a woman will use sex to get everything they want and on the other hand they will scream they are being sexualized. We have all seen it.

  • Give me a break

    The Supreme Court decided that companies should not be forced to provide birth control to female employees. They shouldn't have to, they already pay these employees and provide them with good private health insurance. What is a joke is that women think it's our right to have birth control handed out to us. Give me a break. The court didn't outlaw your stupid pill it just said you should buy it your self and keep the rest of us out of your bedroom. Why would the American people be told that a portion of their paycheck is going to free birth control. Give us a break. No more of this nonsense the rule is buy your own pill and keep you hands out of my pocket.

  • No, Not Gender

    Many on the SCOTUS are political hacks who legislate from the bench. It is not so much gender against which they are biased, but a whole ideology. Look how many Catholics there are on the SCOTUS. This court is the real legacy of Bush v. Gore, and we will pay for it for a generation.

  • Absolutely they are, just not the way feminists want you to think.

    Virtually every law that takes gender into account has favored women over men for a long time, so I contend the courts are absolutely biased for the whiny feminists. Women are different, men are different and as long as there are women and men, all will not be equal. Why the heck should anyone pay for another persons birth control? What makes anyone entitled to anything anyone else earned? Go to planned parenthood and get your boyfriend a condom for free if you need it so badly. Greedy, whiny, self righteous feminists are no better then spoiled little children that can't get their way. Kudos to the courts on this.

  • Are you kidding?

    You have a right to buy birth control and different types of birth control. You do not have a right to force someone else to pay for that birth control. It seems more women are waking up to this "War on Women" nonsense that is peddled by politicians for mere political again. Go to your local CVS/Walgreens pharmacy and speak to them about birth control if you want it. It's under $10/mo!

  • No, The Supreme Court Is not biased against gender.

    The Supreme Court was specifically established from The Constitution for the purpose of being the final letter of the law. The Supreme Court Justices have various philosophies of law & judicial interpretation - all of which carries into their decisions. Comprised of ideologies from conservative, moderate or liberal backgrounds - its hard to say that the Supreme Court as a whole is biased against one gender or the other.

  • Not in the least.

    Even though I do not really follow politics in things of that nature, from what I have seen; no, the Supreme Court is not at all biased towards gender, but they are somewhat more cautious when it comes to females. At the end of the day, if one commits a murder, gender does not matter.

  • Once it gets to the top we can't debate it

    The supreme court is as high as it gets. Once it gets all the way up there is little we can do. With that said I do not think the supreme court is biased against either gender. Regardless if they are mostly men. I also don't think there is enough evidence on the matter.

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