Is the Swastika racist if used for religious purposes by Hindu people?

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  • Absolutely, Possitively Not!

    Just like with the Confederate Battle Flag, it's origins are not racist, but the desecration that has occured is deplorable and has occured on account of a few individuals who are racists, bigots, etc. but in the case of the swasatika, though it was initially used by few which spread to many, it is not racist in a religious context. Thats like saying bruger king is sextist because it says king and not queen

  • Simply for cosmetic reasons.

    The Hindu symbol came long before the symbol was used by Hitler. Ironically, Hitler has distorted and defiled a sign that once meant peace, one that once meant kindness and sovereignty.

    Also, the Swastika is tilted, the Hindu symbol wasn't, yet another reason it shouldn't be banned throughout our society.

  • Depends on context

    If they're Nazi Hindus (not likely) then yes. If not then no. As we all know, or should know, the swastika was around before Hitler saw it and began using it. Many people don't know the history behind different things that are frowned upon today. We all need to do a lo more research nowadays

  • No, not by any means...

    The Swastika (according to what I have researched) has been dated as far back as Indus Valley Civilization. It has also been in use by many other ancient civilizations, and generally, does not relate to racism at all, but, and I quote: "It represents the principle originating the universe, or life..."

    This information was obtained from here:


  • Hindus used it before Hitler.

    The Nazis began using the symbol after the Hindu's did, Hitler only got the idea after he saw it on the floor of a temple. Just because the Nazis used the symbol, does not mean that it is racist when used for Hindu worshiping practices that many cultures use today.

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