• Sword Art Online Is Amazing

    Sword art online is probably one my the best anime I have ever watched. It is the perfect balance of romance, adventure, and includes some comedy. The plot is brilliant and keeps you watching for more in suspense! It is really worth watching! Once you start, believe me, you won't stop!

  • Sword Art Online Is Like Watching My Fantasy Book....

    Sword Art Online is only good in the sense that it have good fight scene. The Animation is good also, though most of the time they actually do what the Super sentai do they rehash the shit out of certain scene. The Plot Seem good at first until you think into it and then you though "The fuck is this shit?". The way they explain it is even worst. I mean You are expected to believe one guy keep 10,000 player from escaping the game and if you try to take it off it will friend them without giving an explanation into how is it going to do this. And the government oh shit they are fucking useless, the people who fund the fucker to build the shit apparently only use one guy....Oh and there are only one beta player dont let kirito tell you otherwise and you believe it He is the only beta tester. They was stuck on the first floor for nearly a years. 1 Fucking years and most of the people was underlevel as fuck. The filler is attrocious and have nothing to do with the story. The Ending oh god the ending that shit was WTF, The guy who keep the player 10,000 of them inside the game right, do a heel face turn and just like that revive the MC and his Girlfriend, and say oh i dont want to do this anymore even though the fucker kill 50% of the people in the game already. Overall the show was Overhyped. The second season Skip that shit. The third Season skip that shit, the four Season if they going to release it. Watch that shit

  • Is Good but then it gets Worse.

    In the beginning, the series was good. It was about a beta tester named Kirito trying to survive Sword Art Online. It that basic, if you die in the game you die in real life business. And when you start to watch, it pretty good. Sure, Kirito is Op as hell, but whatever. It isn't until you get the the next season that things getting bad. They take a character that was super bad ass, and make them super vulnerable. Like, WTF, is this bull. Then afterwards, there's SAO 2. It has the same formula as SAO. So in conclusion, just watch the first 13 episodes and that's it.

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