• The system is broken

    The system died long ago and i personally simply will not, cannot allow that kind of power to stay in the hands of dirty politicians like Donald J Trump who want nothing more than to feed off the suffering of the lower working classes who just want an impartial system with no technicalities and for justice to be handed out swiftly

  • The System Is Broken

    The system that we know of today is broken. It may seem that everything is working fine and that everyone is getting along fine, but the fact is that our system is broken and damaged at every level in society. The congress is corrupt to some extent because there are lobbyists who pay people off, to some extent even the senators and representative to speak on behalf of corporations.

  • No, society is quite good.

    No, the System is not broken, because American society functions quite well. The best society would be governed by a wise philosopher-king, but since those are hard to find in real life, the American system of democracy works well to protect private property interests and bring offenders to justice. Americans are kind and generous, and our country is quite good.

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