• This is bull****

    It has that thing in her eyes because shes sitting outside of a cafe and a different building is reflected in her eyes. And a child predator isnt dumb enough to leave evidence. I tried the app myself and she asks u what ur name is so she can call you by your name. And if you met a new person wouldnt you ask where they live? And when i look into her eyes i dont see a creepy pervert. I see a window. They want her to look more realistic. Now, most people would only look at the side (yes/no) of what they believe already. But i say read both so you can have more of an idea of what you really think instead of what everyone else is saying. This game has child mode so she wont talk about anything not for children. Instead of going with what your kids say, check it out for yourself. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!! If you dont believe me then just go ahead and delete the damn app, but im standing up for what i believe in and you cant change my mind. And if there was really a pedo taking secret pictures, dont you think he would be arrested already? This game existed for years.

  • Yes the Talking Angela app is safe for kids.

    The Talking Angela app has been the subject of many rumors and urban legends recently, but time and again journalists and technology experts looking into the app have found it to be perfectly safe for kids. The Talking Angela app has also been found to be no more privacy invasive than the average iPhone app, so even adults can breathe easy while using the Talking Angela app.

  • Yes, it's just fine.

    Everything about it being bad and information being taken from the app to be used for terrible purposes were confirmed false. So there is nothing to worry about with a child using this app for some entertainment. It's similar to Cleverbot, but do not let your child use that for it can say some graphic things.

  • Not real :v

    So let me guess, The amber alerts are fake, If they are real then how am I not one of them? I played the talking angela app nothing happened to me, Yes, Im only scared of it but not true, Theres a girl on discord played the game then she is still alive even shes not 18, Nothings real ^-^!

  • Its a hoax.

    Its really just a hoax, I'm sure if there was a real predator in the app he/she wouldn't leave a trace in her eyes. The app is super boring now, As the chat is gone. The images of the weird chat conversations were probably photoshopped, You shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet unless you do some research

  • It is just a game!

    I say it is okay coz it is just a game. It is meant to look realistic. I don't believe it has any other bad consequence. I love the game coz she gives the right information I ask of her. And when she gets angry it is only funny the way she squeezes her eyes this doesn't mean it is bad. Or the fact that she acts of your name, She's an android created for entertainment, Duh. . . Shes certainly gonna ask for your name so that she can save it. It is what she was programmed to do and I see no harm in that because kids have nothing important to offer and so they really have nothing to hide. And 90% of the people who play this game are children, So do the MATH. . .

  • Chat not for children

    The chat was not made for children. It was made for teenagers and adults. You could toggle child mode on it but because of the rumor, The chat box was removed. The thing in her eyes were the streets of Paris. NOT a pedophile or rapist or kidnapper. People these days :/

  • It is safe!

    Jeez give it up already! The authorities already confirmed it untrue! The App Store also certifies apps, so if the game had a stalker in it, It wouldn't make it!!!!! Besides, DISNEY designed her! Through 2012-2014 Disney owned Talking Friends! And when was Talking Angela made? 2013. Believe it or not, a song that was featured in the Talking Angela app was seen in DisneyVEVO on YouTube! Also an animator from Disney has a YouTube channel, and one of his videos is "Making of Talking Angela Trailer"! Everybody knows how Disney likes to make reflective eyes on their characters, right? Well, that's what the did to the cute, fluffy cat named Angela. Besides, how can ONE hacker hack 2000000 people at once?! Also, Angela just a asked for your name so she can call you by your name, like a real friend. She asks for your age, so she can pick age-appropriate topics. Now bye.

  • A a a a a

    A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a aa a a a a aa a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • The game is perfect for children

    There is no hacker like I guy can see 1000s of people at once really. Now the app is boring because the keyboard is gone. Thanks to the believers. I really would like the keyboard back. Also it is a fake not real just a perfect game that I used to like

  • It is dangerous. The hackers should be ashamed!

    Just zoom in the app on the eye! There is a clear young man! Those stupid kid nappers are terrible! Any one who thinks different is probably friends with that hacker! It is clear to a naked eye! Please fix this! For the little children! Who are they? Wow. Terrible.

  • Scary sad bad

    This is a bad game for kids you never no if a bad man is out there😕😕and can take a way your kids I hear a lot of bad things about TalkingAngela if there is a bad man please don't take away our kids please please don't do it 😢

  • Bad bad app!!

    Zoom into her eyes. You will see a man and an office. One time I was playing with the app and it asked how old I was. After that I uninstalled it. This just goes to say children don't need this app. Do not get the app even if you are an adult!!

  • Talking Angela is not ok for kids

    The app talking Angela is not ok for kids because Angela ask very personal and nasty OT perverted question when u download the app all our personal information is sent to the person that is behind the webcam . Parents should not allow kids to play or even download the app

  • Look in the eye of Angela and you can see a reflection of a man or the outside of a house you don't see you

    You get hacked by this man and then you get kidnapped so don't download this game or your kids will be kidnapped she avoids the important questions and she asks you different things and avoids the main subject of what you asked so don't download this game or else you'll be sorry. :(

  • Need help man kidnapping

    There is a man on the lost kidnapping I took a screenshot and then I zoomed in and seen a man in her eyes and deleted the game to protect my kids. He must be gathering information to find kids and kidnap them from their families call the Police or something a man is kidnapping

  • I had a friends house broken in before

    I had a person in my street broken in before and they all survivied and the second youngest was 6 and the last thing she said was "i was playing talking angela and was talking to her and she asked some weird questions like can i visit you house one time,where do live live abouts i only told her my city and subured

  • It's not safe

    I'm a beliver in myths and ledgends. I researched this, looked at online groups, and I did see a man in her eyes. I had the app on my tablet because it didn't have a camera. It told me it wanted to see my face. It's real. And it's out there. Whatever you do don't download it. If you do, make sure there is no camera on the device, and lie as much as you can to it.

  • Some aren't safe

    OK so some are safe and some aren't safe if you can see either a room or a face other than yours in Angela's eyes don't get it however if you can't see either of those things you should be safe just be careful and even more careful if your kids have this game.

  • It's not safe for kids.

    In her eyes plz dont play he will kidnap you so scary plz dont play he will kill you plz plz plz plz dont play! Omg so scared :( dont ever ever ever play this game this is a fucked up game plz dont play it a kindnapper steals all of your information.

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