• This is bull****

    It has that thing in her eyes because shes sitting outside of a cafe and a different building is reflected in her eyes. And a child predator isnt dumb enough to leave evidence. I tried the app myself and she asks u what ur name is so she can call you by your name. And if you met a new person wouldnt you ask where they live? And when i look into her eyes i dont see a creepy pervert. I see a window. They want her to look more realistic. Now, most people would only look at the side (yes/no) of what they believe already. But i say read both so you can have more of an idea of what you really think instead of what everyone else is saying. This game has child mode so she wont talk about anything not for children. Instead of going with what your kids say, check it out for yourself. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!! If you dont believe me then just go ahead and delete the damn app, but im standing up for what i believe in and you cant change my mind. And if there was really a pedo taking secret pictures, dont you think he would be arrested already? This game existed for years.

  • Yes the Talking Angela app is safe for kids.

    The Talking Angela app has been the subject of many rumors and urban legends recently, but time and again journalists and technology experts looking into the app have found it to be perfectly safe for kids. The Talking Angela app has also been found to be no more privacy invasive than the average iPhone app, so even adults can breathe easy while using the Talking Angela app.

  • Yes, it's just fine.

    Everything about it being bad and information being taken from the app to be used for terrible purposes were confirmed false. So there is nothing to worry about with a child using this app for some entertainment. It's similar to Cleverbot, but do not let your child use that for it can say some graphic things.

  • Not real :v

    So let me guess, The amber alerts are fake, If they are real then how am I not one of them? I played the talking angela app nothing happened to me, Yes, Im only scared of it but not true, Theres a girl on discord played the game then she is still alive even shes not 18, Nothings real ^-^!

  • Its a hoax.

    Its really just a hoax, I'm sure if there was a real predator in the app he/she wouldn't leave a trace in her eyes. The app is super boring now, As the chat is gone. The images of the weird chat conversations were probably photoshopped, You shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet unless you do some research

  • It is just a game!

    I say it is okay coz it is just a game. It is meant to look realistic. I don't believe it has any other bad consequence. I love the game coz she gives the right information I ask of her. And when she gets angry it is only funny the way she squeezes her eyes this doesn't mean it is bad. Or the fact that she acts of your name, She's an android created for entertainment, Duh. . . Shes certainly gonna ask for your name so that she can save it. It is what she was programmed to do and I see no harm in that because kids have nothing important to offer and so they really have nothing to hide. And 90% of the people who play this game are children, So do the MATH. . .

  • Chat not for children

    The chat was not made for children. It was made for teenagers and adults. You could toggle child mode on it but because of the rumor, The chat box was removed. The thing in her eyes were the streets of Paris. NOT a pedophile or rapist or kidnapper. People these days :/

  • It is safe!

    Jeez give it up already! The authorities already confirmed it untrue! The App Store also certifies apps, so if the game had a stalker in it, It wouldn't make it!!!!! Besides, DISNEY designed her! Through 2012-2014 Disney owned Talking Friends! And when was Talking Angela made? 2013. Believe it or not, a song that was featured in the Talking Angela app was seen in DisneyVEVO on YouTube! Also an animator from Disney has a YouTube channel, and one of his videos is "Making of Talking Angela Trailer"! Everybody knows how Disney likes to make reflective eyes on their characters, right? Well, that's what the did to the cute, fluffy cat named Angela. Besides, how can ONE hacker hack 2000000 people at once?! Also, Angela just a asked for your name so she can call you by your name, like a real friend. She asks for your age, so she can pick age-appropriate topics. Now bye.

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  • The game is perfect for children

    There is no hacker like I guy can see 1000s of people at once really. Now the app is boring because the keyboard is gone. Thanks to the believers. I really would like the keyboard back. Also it is a fake not real just a perfect game that I used to like

  • NO it not ok

    It turns kids into furries. Furries are bad an should make them exticnt. How you do that is you get rid of the furry convertors such as animal cartoons and talking apps. Then you hunt down the reamining furries and bring them to a nice summer camp. Thats how its done

  • No BC ITS bad

    Bd du s s s f f s c f a c a a c a d d a c a d a c v e c f d e d d e d d s e s s e a c d a f e g c d d

  • No its not



    I lied away from screen and she said" I'm watching you" there are several FACTS online in comments at first she is fun but still no I read 2 comments and one said one day after I got this game I saw a man in her eyes I told my friends they didn't believe me so I showed her that same night my enemy said I saw you and your friend last night but how they lived 5 blockes away AND it was like 9pm

  • Not Safe At All

    I had this app, But I got scared because of the rumors. So I decided to look into it, Because why not? I wanted to know the truth! I looked at my settings for Talking Angela, And it had both microphone and camera access! When I got the app, It asked to hear me with only microphone access, And I said yes, But it didn't even use the microphone for anything! And I didn't let it have camera access, But somehow it turned it on! I swear, I only allowed microphone! And, When I was a kid and had the app, It used to ask me weird questions, Like, How old are you? , Or, Are your parents home? , Or, What is your name? . Things like that. And why would a supposedly "kid friendly" app need child mode? If it's already safe for kids, What is the point? Answer that! Do not download this app! I even saw some of my pictures deleted from my phone, And I didn't delete them! And even some new ones that I also didn't do! This app will hack you and track you down! Do not download, For your own safety, And your child's!

  • I think talking Angela is dangerous because like some little teenage girl got captured by the cat

    I'm so scared right now I'm not going to download this game no more because I don't already have the regular ones and she's a nice cat but those are evil cats I don't know why I thought you was a good thing and stuff like that cuz I had her when I was a little girl but nope I am not playing with that thing

  • I was almost kidnapped her and her friends never download this app or even Tom or even the other ones >:(

    There eyes go completely white! They ask you questions like we're do you live! Not ok! Kids stay away from that game! People beened kidnapped by the man in there eye! God please save us kids please. Never get these apps God help us all! Stay away from all talking apps like talking Angela

  • There is a man under her eyes

    Me and my sister were plaiyng and then there wes something not hoing well she ssid s_a_v_e m_e and me and my sister wes so scared and then we saw that she said everything we said and i didnt even click on something and she is smiling like evil and her name is not angela her name is sara

  • This app is not good. 4 kids!

    You think this app is good 4 your kid no? NO IS NOT GOOD 4 KIDS you think is just a cute cat no? NO IS NOT my talking angela is not good 4 kids i just wathing some things in the closet and wen i was bac my talking angela was talking weth som wan i was scarde and i tried too push talking angela and then chlose the app DOO NOT INSTAL THE APP

  • I head there’s a stalker that’s a killer and a kidnapper

    Don’t let anyone play this know more I’ve Ben stalked from Angela and it’s not a girl it’s a man in the eye watch out for ur kids never let them play this game or they might die PLEASE DELETE NOW OF U HAVE THIS APP don't EVEN DOWNLOAD I hope everyone stays safe from this app because 25 kids have died from this game

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