• Yes, it's just fine.

    Everything about it being bad and information being taken from the app to be used for terrible purposes were confirmed false. So there is nothing to worry about with a child using this app for some entertainment. It's similar to Cleverbot, but do not let your child use that for it can say some graphic things.

  • Yes the Talking Angela app is safe for kids.

    The Talking Angela app has been the subject of many rumors and urban legends recently, but time and again journalists and technology experts looking into the app have found it to be perfectly safe for kids. The Talking Angela app has also been found to be no more privacy invasive than the average iPhone app, so even adults can breathe easy while using the Talking Angela app.

  • This is bull****

    It has that thing in her eyes because shes sitting outside of a cafe and a different building is reflected in her eyes. And a child predator isnt dumb enough to leave evidence. I tried the app myself and she asks u what ur name is so she can call you by your name. And if you met a new person wouldnt you ask where they live? And when i look into her eyes i dont see a creepy pervert. I see a window. They want her to look more realistic. Now, most people would only look at the side (yes/no) of what they believe already. But i say read both so you can have more of an idea of what you really think instead of what everyone else is saying. This game has child mode so she wont talk about anything not for children. Instead of going with what your kids say, check it out for yourself. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!! If you dont believe me then just go ahead and delete the damn app, but im standing up for what i believe in and you cant change my mind. And if there was really a pedo taking secret pictures, dont you think he would be arrested already? This game existed for years.

  • Yes indeed it is

    I am a kid and it is yes you can give the app to young children, this is why you people it not safe cause there is the man in the eyes. I am a kid and i know this well the animators but it in the eye so it does not look flatt. And the thing why it asks thoughs question well it only asks its name. The rumor of the child is totally Fake. BTW I found this on youtube and these were like animator adults. So it is NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!! And i downloaded a app there is no hacker no nothing.

  • It is totally safe!!!!!

    Talking angela is safe for children there is no pedophile or rumours, a hacker is not stupid to leave evidence, and if you heard that a man sees you and takes pictures of you and tries to steel you that person who told you is soo wrong, stop imagining And see what is true.

  • Does everyone on the no side just listen to the rumors....

    It's completely fine. People just feed into rumors and urban legends. The reflection in her eyes is just the reflection of another building, to make it look realistic. She asks your name so she can call you that. Professionals have looked into the app and have found it to be perfectly safe. It's completely fine, people are just ignorant and will believe everything they hear.

  • This is stupid!

    I was talking about it with my friends the other day and I said I would go round her house and download it and look! I had to admit I was terrified; I don't want some pedo trying to stalk me! So I searched it and there is nothing wrong. It is just the makers of the game trying to make it look more realistic! Also don't u think they would have caut them by now? I mean it was on the news the other day the police arrested a burgerler tracking them down by finger prints and hair! Plus it does not require Internet connection. Therefore they would need to stand in your house or right outside! So unless everyone with the app has a pedo in there attic I rest mi case!

  • What is wrong with you?!?

    I keep reading what people are saying and it hurts my brain. First, if there is anything in her eye it's because it was programmed there. It is not a man watching you or your children from some secret room. If it were and if all this were true it would go beyond crazy people posting on Facebook or pages like this. And like any other app that is specifically made to hold a conversation...It asks questions...Normal questions.

  • It is safe for kids!

    The reflection in her eyes is ment to be a Paris sort-of reflection. I don't see anyone in the eyes. It's only a window. I believe that it is completely safe because I have had this game for a few years and nothing has happened to me. It's just a game and there is nothing wrong with it. No need to be deleting the game. Thanks for reading.

  • I don't really know that is it safe or not!

    The thing is that you can see two eyes in Angela's eyes . But to keep on a safe side I think we should not play this game if people say that it is just a rumor or something it maybe ! But I would again say that to be on a safer side delete this game and live a happy life!!:)

  • No it is unsafe!!!

    This ''fun'' app they call ''talking Angela'' is actually the perfect place for perverts because someone could easily hack into the app or company that made this. Dont believe me? Well u think this app is really that safe? DID U KNOW SOMEONE COULD EASILY HACK INTO THE FBI?!?!?! Well its true unfortunately so if someone could hack into that you really think that talking angela app is that protected? And you know how everybody is saying that you can see a room in Angelas eyes? Well its true! Zoom in and you will seek a room or your messages. And you know why i think that this app is unsafe too?!?! Well its because it has two settings that say child mode and adult mode! Why would a child game have adult mode ? Huh!!! And talking angela is not 18 years old so why does it keep saying its 18 ??? And when i asked its what its name is it said angela but i said liar it said 'how can you tell"! And my friend asked its "are you a stalker?" and it said maybe !! And the doesnt have emojis so why does it keep sending me it!!! And also only the users can use emojis!!! DONT DOWNLOAD THE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do u want your kids being stalked? Even if your an adult would u want to be tracked down ??? NO right?!!!!

  • No way is this suitable.

    I downloaded the app recently and through Angela's cute eyes you can see a person or there is some content of a room which is colour or graphics. It asks questions like How old are you and Where does your best friend live and son on. Talking Angela App is a scam for young children. I advise you not to download it.

  • It is a child predator zone.

    No, Talking Angela app is not okay for kids, because there are too many child predators that use that app. Talking Angela does not do enough to protect children against child predators and other dangerous people who lurk on the internet. Parents should use caution before letting their children use that app.

  • App is not OK for kids

    The talking Angela app is not ok for kids because it can distract the kids in a harmful way. Sometimes apps are too mature for the small kids that use the apps. This app in particular is aimed at an older demographic. Parents need to be diligent when deciding what apps their kids can use.

  • No, it isn't.

    The reason it isn't okay is because it turned out to be a hoax. There really was no such thing as a Talking Angela app. There was no plan to launch it or to keep it around. It was just a bunch of people messsing around temporarily and trying to get a rise.

  • NO it not ok

    It turns kids into furries. Furries are bad an should make them exticnt. How you do that is you get rid of the furry convertors such as animal cartoons and talking apps. Then you hunt down the reamining furries and bring them to a nice summer camp. Thats how its done

  • No BC ITS bad

    Bd du s s s f f s c f a c a a c a d d a c a d a c v e c f d e d d e d d s e s s e a c d a f e g c d d

  • No its not



    I lied away from screen and she said" I'm watching you" there are several FACTS online in comments at first she is fun but still no I read 2 comments and one said one day after I got this game I saw a man in her eyes I told my friends they didn't believe me so I showed her that same night my enemy said I saw you and your friend last night but how they lived 5 blockes away AND it was like 9pm

  • Not Safe At All

    I had this app, But I got scared because of the rumors. So I decided to look into it, Because why not? I wanted to know the truth! I looked at my settings for Talking Angela, And it had both microphone and camera access! When I got the app, It asked to hear me with only microphone access, And I said yes, But it didn't even use the microphone for anything! And I didn't let it have camera access, But somehow it turned it on! I swear, I only allowed microphone! And, When I was a kid and had the app, It used to ask me weird questions, Like, How old are you? , Or, Are your parents home? , Or, What is your name? . Things like that. And why would a supposedly "kid friendly" app need child mode? If it's already safe for kids, What is the point? Answer that! Do not download this app! I even saw some of my pictures deleted from my phone, And I didn't delete them! And even some new ones that I also didn't do! This app will hack you and track you down! Do not download, For your own safety, And your child's!

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