• They're very violent

    Spitting on Democratic elected officials, throwing rocks at private and federal property, cutting the gas line of a supposed Democratic official, but turns out to be a innocent citizens home... "Targeting" Democrats, then a Congresswomen is shot. Name-calling trying to stir attention to them such as calling Democrats socialist, when they are "capitalist" and doing more harm to the Nation.

  • I think the viewpoints of the Tea Party movement are radical enough to incite violence.

    It seems to me that the extreme viewpoints and underlying racist sentiments of the Tea Party are enough to create a violent environment. They are passionate about their views, which are close-minded and almost anti-human, so, yes, I do think that the Tea Party could become violent, as a movement.

    Posted by: ColdEmmanuel92
  • The Tea Party is a potentially violent movement, because of its use of violent rhetoric.

    The Tea Party is potentially a violent movement, because it uses violent rhetoric, implies that revolution is necessary, and has a backward-looking philosophy that seems to want to go back to the days when certain kinds of people, such as women or minorities, were not in power. Because of this focus, this party might make some mentally unstable people believe that their ideas of violence are legitimate.

    Posted by: PaleMason
  • I believe the Tea Party movement has the potential to create havoc on the American way of life, because their views are not consistent with current events.

    The Tea Party movement is particularly extremist in thought. Their views promote a kind of cultural and ethical divide that clearly seeks to divide them from everyone else, effectively trying to undo the fundamental principles this country was built on. If allowed to gain political momentum, the Tea Party could and would remove the rights of certain citizens whom they feel do not deserve to have them.

    Posted by: HospitableEdgar46
  • Right wingers and tea party activists violent? Think again

    There has not been ONE act of violence, racism, or terrorism connected to the tea party or any other right wing organization. The person who posted that a tea party activist cut someone's gas line is making it up. No let's talk about violence on the left shall we? Fact Rapes at occupy Wall Street were so rampant, they had to put up safety zones for women to run to. FACT OWS protestors threw feces and urine on riot police, collected blood from people shooting up to also throw on police. Crapped on a cop car on and on and on. FACT people were murdered during those rallies. FACT one of the left wing protestors shot at the White House. This and more are all verifiable.

  • Technically, yes.

    But then again, so is pretty much any movement.

  • Not by its nature

    There may be a few violent individuals but that applies to any group and does not reflect their views.

  • While the Tea Party movement might be extremist from a political standpoint, they are not extremist from a physical standpoint.

    The Tea Party has an extreme political view. They wish for a shift completely to one side of the left/right scale. Generally, though, the Tea Party has not shown itself to be willing to force its views. They may push and constantly try to convince others that their views are best, but they have not tried to force others, against their will, to accept their views. In this way, the Tea Party movement, as it currently stands, does not yet have the potential for violent action against others.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • No, I do not think the Tea Party is violent, because this is just hyperbole drummed up by the press to reinforce the status quo.

    The Tea Party protests have been non-violent and peaceful demonstrations against government waste. However, the media have taken a few bad apples or isolated incidents of antisocial behavior, and presented these examples as the norm. Not only is this intellectually dishonest, but it is meant to reinforce the status quo.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • No, because here has been no sign that the tea party is potentially violent.

    The Tea Party is just a group of concerned citizens that are afraid that the debt and government spending has gotten out of hand. There has been no indication that the members of the group, as a whole, are any more prone to violence than any other political group. In fact, liberal groups are much more likely to riot.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • The Tea Party is no more violent than any other party that is not mainstream and, in addition, they have no history of violence.

    It is ignorant to say that the Tea Party may be violent, simply because then you would have to assume all other political parties are violent. The Tea Party does not have any history of violence, and painting them in this light is irresponsible and unfair. Our country needs more than two main parties so that other voices, besides the majority political views, are heard.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • I disagree; the Tea Party is not a potentially violent movement. The majority of its base are people concerned with the fiscal status of the government.

    The Tea Party is not a potentially violent movement because the people that are typically members are those who are tired of financial irresponsibility in government. The Tea Party derives its name from the Boston Tea Party; both movements have the same grievances at heart - that the government is taking and unwisely using tax-payer money. To a point, the Tea Party could never be violent, so long as the government doesn't become draconian in nature and there is hope that a peaceful change can occur, a hope which is ever present in democracies.

    Posted by: R4yAnych
  • They simply seem like a "motivated" movement to me.

    The Tea Party is a mixture of conservatives and libertarians who simply want their voices to be heard in government as would any other political party. This the group of people who sponsored and showed support for Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential election. Those who would support Sarah Palin's political views seem far from violent.

    Posted by: Tiana99
  • I am of the opinion that any group or movement can express their beliefs and philosophies and, based on my understanding of the Tea Party movement, I have not read any violent actions committed by this group, so my answer is "no".

    The Tea Party is a conservative group, but are entitled to express their beliefs and opinion. This country is made up of diverse people and lends itself to diverse thinking. The moment we prevent others from speaking up about their beliefs and what they view as right, we have stripped them of their right of freedom of expression. What makes this country great is its acceptance of diversity, and its diversity of culture and thought. I have not encountered any articles or literature that support violent acts of the Tea Party and, therefore, I think they are not violent.

    Posted by: Random76350

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