Is the Tea Party an Antisocial Personality Disorder?

Asked by: mlibb
  • Government is a social behavior.

    If government is supposed to support the wishes of the people why is it that an extremist offshoot of a political party is able to disrupt the social fiber of a nation? The Tea Party ignores the fact that a government has a social contract with its people and it is required to protect its citizens from foreign and domestic oppression. Obviously they support something as obvious as the military as it is a clear deterrent of foreign oppression but they ignore the fact that capitalism functions at its best at a certain level of unemployment, which creates competition for and decreases low wage jobs. The government is protecting this group of people from allowing wages to drop any further because at this point we know these wages are hurting our society. The Tea Party helped block a raise in minimum wage last week that would have put any worker at an income level which is shown to be the mark for people to meet their basic needs. Below $20k according to the National Institute of Health is where we see a spike in mental illness and suicide. If you are opposed to people's needs to the point that you support competition for low wage jobs and the expansion of mental illness and suicide in our society I argue that you must suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder.

  • If the question were "do most of them have," sure, but is it? Uh,

    I can't imagine my doctor saying I have the tea party syndrome. Well maybe I can, but it would make me chuckle. Yes they tend to be anti social and strange but being that way does mean that they become the new term for all people that way. I agree with you I think I just got snagged up in the wording of the question.

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