• Misleading Question

    To say that the entire Tea Party movement is extreme is not valid, but its most outspoken members have proven themselves to be far to the right of many Republicans today, such as the comments made about rape by Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, and Richard Mourdock of Indiana. It is for this reason that I must, unfortunately, generalize the Tea Party movement as extremist.

  • Yes it is

    The Tea Party has proven again and again it is a right-wing extremist movement bent on enforcing their particular brand of delusions on the rest of society. People need to stand up to this radical movement of bigots and extremist, or else this country has a very bleak future ahead of it.

  • Of course they are

    There representatives have openly made racist/homophobic statements and everyday they grow closer and closer to religious fundamentalism. They have frequent anti-Islamic/anti-immigrant rhetoric and a disillusion with basic facts. They are radical rightists and nationalists and I fear, they border the line between religious fundamentalism and fascism, with a good amount of xenophobia . Hopefully one day, there movement will lose momentum, but then again, racists and bigots do have a history of gaining political control in this country fairly easily.

  • Without a Doubt

    The number one sign on whether or not a movement or it's consituents are "extreme" is how willing they are to compromise. Webster's defines extreme as: "...Very far from agreeing with the opinions of most people : not moderate". And with that definition, it's quite clear whether or not the Tea Party is extreme. When your base opinions (opposition to gay marriage, opposition to equal pay for women, opposition to providing the poor with assistance, opposition to healthcare access for the poor, to name just a few examples) are in the minority, and in some cases the vast majority, then the position is extreme.

  • Definitely

    The Tea Party, while perhaps starting with a good idea, has become an extremist organization. It seems like it is filled with people who have all sorts of crazy notions about the government, have some racist hatred of Barack Obama, or have other ideas that are ultimately destructive to American society.

  • Republican Party cancer

    Tea party is behind government shutdown. The congress passes the budget bill every year and this year is no difference - the same items listed on this bill like any other years - why does Boehner hold it hostage? He should let the house vote on it.
    If this bill listed Obamacare as a budget item, then I understand, but this bill has nothing to do with Obamacare, why use this bill to ransom other things? This is the act of terrorist!!!
    Boehner, do your job! Otherwise, I will not vote for your next term.

  • The Tea Party is the Party of White Privilege

    The Tea Party opposes legalization of immigrant workers (preferring them to remain second class citizens), it opposes women's reproductive rights, and it opposes assistance programs (which predominately assist minorities). It is against any program or law that assists or avails minority voters- anyone that is not the "white upper middle class" of their electorate.
    Numerous Tea Party activists have made blatantly racist comments at their rallies, including comparing Obama to an ape. The Tea Party line is "the South will Rise Again". They want to turn back the clock to a society where latinos work for pennies and can't fight back, where women do as they are told, where black youths can be shot in the street without due cause, and where a white man can remain content and assured of his power and his gun.

  • They Fit The Definition Of The Word!

    According to Dictionary.Com, an extremist is:

    1. A person who goes to extremes, especially in political matters.

    2. A supporter or advocate of extreme doctrines or practices.


    3. Belonging or pertaining to extremists.


    1840–50; extreme + -ist

    Dictionary.Com Unabridged
    Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2013.

    They Tea Party certainly fulfills that definition, whether they want to consider themselves as such or not!

  • We are a low-tax nation already

    Compare our tax burden to other countries. America is a low-tax nation. What America pays far more for is things that other countries pay together: healthcare, college etc. If the US paid the same percentage of GDP as France (who have a much better healthcare system), the deficit would be zero and we'd have surpluses. So this 'government is too big' mantra is just paranoid nonsense. Secondly, the Tea Party are the unwitting fools of special interests who need to be fought. America's income distribution is not 'natural': it has been a political power grab over decades to redistribute income ans wealth from working Americans to the super-wealthy. We need the opposite of Tea Party policies to make a fair and competitive America where people rise and fall based on hard work and equal opportunity and wealth isn't simply passed down thanks to hereditary inheritance and a bought-and-paid-for Congress.

  • Yes they are!

    Because they shutdown the government over Obama care and make threats on Obama and the nation. They make signs saying Obama go back to africa, they treat the nation like garbage. They are absolutely racist. They have nothing to back on there information on Obama destroying the nation. They are a bunch of cult psychotic lunatics.

  • The founding fathers principles are the same as the tea party's. Were they extremist?

    I recommend reading Paul Gregory's article in Forbes. In it he analyzes and compares respected poll results which question people on tea party platform issues without labeling them as tea party stances. The results show that tea party agenda is in fact mainstream. Http://www.Forbes.Com/sites/paulroderickgregory/2011/09/02/psst-the-tea-party-is-mainstream-despite-everything-you-hear/. It's worth Googling if you can't pull it up from this link.

  • Of course they're not

    I've been to Tea Party meetings. It's not my cup of tea, but I've been. They talked about (gasp), the Constitution (as written) and fiscal responsibility. There was no racist/homophobic/etc. Stuff going on at all. Many people like to say those things without providing any examples. I could think of many terms to describe the ones I met (dweebs, nerds), but "extremists" is not one of them. Returning to a nation of laws and not of men will not be a bad thing.

  • Tea Party not extreme

    The Tea Party wants to bring accountability and responsibility back to the forefront. There is a severe lack of responsibility and accountability from the government all the way down to the individual American. The problem is that everyone wants to get offended when they are called out on what wrongs they are committing and fight against it. The Tea Party calls these individuals out.

  • No the tea party is not extremists

    The tea party was a very libertarian movement toward the beginning but has become very republican. As a libertarian who would fall between Ayn Rand and J.R.R Tolkien I cannot view some party less extreme than me to be extremist. On top of how moderate the tea party is comparatively many liberal media ideas of the tea party such as valuing racism are simply not true.

  • No I don't think the Tea Party is extemist

    They are simply tired of the status quo in government. That is to say, they are tired of the rich controlling everything and having all the money. I don't think it is extremist at all to want that to change, and for their voices to be heard more than they are today. The media may want to portray them as such to make them look bad, but I don't find it to be the case at all. Usually the ones who are made out to be "extremists" or "conspiracy theorists" or any other term you might think of for someone who goes against the system, are the ones that are speaking the most truth in the end. So no I don't think the Tea Party is extremist in the least, but at its' core is a people of realists instead.

  • I believe that the core of the Tea Party movement is not extremist.

    Unfortunately like any large organization it has a few members who do not understand the original purpose of the Tea Party. (Small Government, Personal Freedom) Additionally there are groups out there that have taken the momentum of the Tea party and are attempting to use that for their own purposes. The same thing happened with the Occupy Wall Street movement. What started out with good intentions turned into a riot.

  • No more than the liberal wing of the Democrats...

    Certain members of the Tea party movement have said some extreme things but so have Democrats. If a movement/political party is to be labelled according to the most extreme things said by its followers then there is no moderate political movement anywhere in the world. The Tea Party is labelled as extremist/racist/homophobic etc because there is not much rational rebuttal to it's small government/ fiscal responsibility/constitutional adherence focus.

  • Tea Party not extremist!!

    An extremists sets out to damage others either directly or indirectly. If I state an opinion that differs from yours, that is not the definition of extremism, even if you want to believe so. I have seen any number of comments stating the tea party is racist, extremist, homophobic, etc., but with no supporting documentation. I have seen more extreme, negative comments from liberals toward the tea party. Balanced budget is a key tea party agenda? Extremist? To some, perhaps. Constitutional fidelity? Extremist? Not to me.

  • Stop using labels and talk about issues.

    "Extremist" is an epithet used to deflect the conversation away from any points constitutionalists may have. There are legitimate reasons why our country should remember founding principals. There are also intelligent arguments one could make against some ideas advanced in the wide range of constitutionalist and libertarian public discourse. And that's exactly how arguments should be made: intelligently. If you disagree with someone's ideas on an issue, have the courage to debate the issue. Resorting to epithets contributes nothing and makes it appear that perhaps one's own motives and ideals cannot withstand close scrutiny.

  • Supporting values that built the nation are not extreme

    Please provide exact examples. It is lazy to just say the TP is extreme. Spend time talking to people you will find they have many ideas. The TP is a group of many people with many ideas and a general theme. Using words like extreme and radical are disingenuous efforts to label the people and avoid the real issues that are driving the discontent.

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