• Erratic Behavior Leading Cause of Republican Voter Deflection

    What started out as a humble movement has finally spiraled into a congregation of extremists. The Tea Party has seen a steady decline in it's support due to ideals that are no longer part of it's initial statements. While attempting to distort racial undertones they have garnered an increasingly verbally violent following, deterring supporters due to extremist views of governemnt.

  • They never really had much influence

    In all honesty the Tea party never really had influence on Republican voters. What the Tea Party had was a small amount of people who were willing to be really loud. Do not mistake a bunch of people being loud on and off camera with political influence gained through power.

  • Yes, I think the Tea Party is starting to fade

    I definitely think that the Tea Party influence about Republicans are starting to fade. I think when it first started it was exciting and new and was something Republicans though would get young people behind them. I think they are realizing after losing the last Presidential election that although the support is great it is not necessary fully needed and may hurt also.

  • The Tea Party is still popular among Republican voters.

    The most recent midterm elections have shown that the Tea Party still has a strong influence over the Republican voting block. While non Tea Party member Cochran, did win in Mississippi. The stunning loss of Eric Cantor in Virginia and the recent win of Curt Clawson in Florida's special election, shows that the Tea Party is still making waves within the Republican party.

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