• The Tea Party means Democrats win.

    The Tea Party pushes the Republican party to racist, homophobic, and sexist extremes, and effectively makes Republicans unelectable. The Tea Party handed Obama his second term on a silver platter, and will inevitably lead to decades of Democrats in government. The Tea Party also gives Democrats room to push to the centre left, and not be obliterated by moderate Republicans - that means policies to alleviate poverty, protect the environment, and ensure healthcare for the millions of Americans that don't have access.

  • The tea party is good for America.

    The Tea party is good for America because it teaches Americans self reliance and how to benefit from what they are able to produce. It promotes a smaller government which is a great idea because it gives Americans the opportunities to do more stuff with their lives like create a small business and be in charge of their own lives without the government constantly riding on them. That is why the Tea Party is good for America.

  • Of course they are

    The Tea Party is the rising conservative group in American politics that is actively holding their elected Representative accountable to the people that they have been elected to represent. The fact that they elect people of character that are unwilling to bend over backwards to make a "bipartisan deal" shows that they are a force to be feared (more so than the "most transparent president in history")

  • yes it does

    i believe that it does help it has been in affect this whole time what is the point in changing it now if we take it away now then who ever made the movement in the first place wouldnt have put it there and so many people would have not sign for it if it was not nessisarry

  • Tea Party is Annoying, But Active

    The opinions of the Tea Party may be annoying and ultra-conservative. However, citizens taking an active part of the American political process is a good thing. The more people who get involved in government and politics, the better. Passionate people who care about this country are what is needed to keep leadership strong in Washington.

  • Active citizenship is a good thing

    Regardless of their particular economic and political positions, many of which I disagree with, we must regard a movement that promotes lawful and active engagement with the political process by the people as a good thing in principle. A political system in which citizens are not actively holding their elected officials to account is a dangerous one.

  • At Least the Tea Party are actually Conservatives unlike the Discount Democrats (Modern Republicans)

    It's a no brainer that we need to Pay off the Debt, America is $20 Trillion in the Hole now and if this continues, America will be in a similar state as Greece. On Individual Liberty, of course the Second Amendment must be protected, as banning guns would simply result in Bad People finding other ways to hurt People. And on Economic Liberty, it is imperative that People can go through Economic Affairs unhampered, whether it be Taxation and allowing people to keep their own Income, Business and not being constantly watched over by Big Government Regulation, or ending Cronyism, Bailouts and Government Bureaucracy.
    In general the Tea Party, to me at least, is Right... Literally.

  • The best of all evils.

    Our nation took it's greatest leaps and bounds when unchecked liberty and freedom prevailed. Less social programs were supplemented by an incredible charity rate, pay-it-forward mentality and a strong local community. A sense of belonging while being an individual is important. Here's an assignment.. Learn something new about your neighbor tomorrow and ask them what you can do to make their life easier, even if their better off than you are.

  • Need third party

    I think we should just go back to the earlier Executive branch model of the Vice President being the runner up in an election year. That way both sides are represented...But wait, what about people like myself that cannot stand either side? A third party is necessary. Corruption breeds corruption.

  • Duh dummy heads!

    Well the media hates the tea party, so it must be good. Lol! All the bad stuff you here about them is from the media, and people just blindly follow without any hard evidence, It's just like, "He said, She said" lol Use the Internet, talk to older folks who were here before us. Oh yeah, America is a Democracy for those who don't know.

  • Term limits, for example.

    The Koch brother's tea party wants term limits. The tea party wants them to punish the moderates and GOP establishment.

    So do Koch Industries. Koch wants term limits so Congress will always be filled with freshmen who can be easily manipulated by its long-term, seasoned lobbyists.

    A vote for tea is a vote for corporatism to subvert democracy.

  • Tea party makes the country weak

    By dividing the country with their homophobic, racist and misogynist attitudes they hurt this country. How evil do you have to be to have as your primary interest denying healthcare to children and the disabled. There is a reason over 50% of Americans think the tea party is evil. Lol

  • Need third party

    I think we should just go back to the earlier Executive branch model of the Vice President being the runner up in an election year. That way both sides are represented...But wait, what about people like myself that cannot stand either side? A third party is necessary. Corruption breeds corruption.

  • You have a right to your opinions, but they are extreme.

    Every political group has a right to say and feel what they choose, but the Tea Party has introduced very far right policies which has created a moderate republican an extinct being. Republicans are being 'primaried' by more fringe candidates which make being a reasonable, successful Republican almost impossible for anyone.

  • The best of Intentions.

    While the intention of a strong grassroots movement for America is a nice as and welcome change from lobbyist money and special favors it has been proven by US News, The New York Times, and the Huffington Post that the majority of funds came from the pockets of a handful of ultra-rich benefactors.

    While active, something needed for a strong electorate, many are founded in defiance of science, history, or proven facts. The easiest two to point out is the denial that humans are having an impact on climate change a fact shown by the vast majority of scientists. The next is the belief that lower tax rates and ideas such as "Right-To-Work" are beneficial for America both of these are not only disproven historically but modernly.

    So while they may have the best of intentions the sad lack of factual information weakens what could have been a strong movement that could have helped change the face of american politics for the better.

  • The Tea Party movement is not Good for America.

    I genuinely believe that the Tea Party movement is not good for America and there are reasons why I feel this way.
    Reason #1: The entire ideology of the Tea Party would allow for corporate tyranny, in which corporations would let off their leashes and be allowed to donate as much as they want to political campaigns.
    Reason #2: There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows that this "grassroots" movement is being by corporate america.

  • No, the Tea Party is NOT good for America.

    No, I don't believe that the Tea Party is good for America. On the contrary, in fact. The Tea Party, in my opinion, seems to be detrimental to America, because although they claim to be driven by the same ideals and values as our forefathers, their actions do not seem to support this. They often support candidates who are biased, and Tea Party rallies always seem to have a great deal of racists and bigots.

  • The Tea Party Is Contributing to the Standstill Caused by Party Politics

    No, I don’t believe the Tea Party is good for America. The Tea Party takes an extremist stance that forgoes any attempt at compromise or negotiation. The two party system has already led to our country coming to a seeming standstill politically. Real change that would help our country is unable to move on because of party politics.

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TexasDevilDog says2014-08-06T04:50:58.070
It chaps my rear that people in this country are such cowards at times and can't remember anything historical past what they did three days ago. The Tea Party movement had the biggest affect on state and national elections in 2010. After the elections Washington fought back, Republican and Democrat alike, and used the media to try and vilify Tea Party candidates, the movement and American citizens themselves who were self proclaimed Tea Party members. The Tea Party above anything else insisted that Tea Party candidates went to their respective offices remembering one thing, represent the ones that voted you in office above anything else! The politicians in Washington both Republicans and Democrats were so scared of what the Tea Party stood for that the IRS specifically targeted Tea Party non profit groups in 2011 and 2012. When you have politicians who are scared of the Tea Party to the point that government entities are utilized to illegally suppress Tea Party groups and those same politicians use the media to demonize Tea Party groups and label Tea Party candidates as "Terrorists"; in my mind what truly is going on, is citizens with conservative values have come together and have not only talked about voting out undesirable politicians but have actually done so, which those in Washington DC can not have. Is the Tea Party movement good for this country? What is not good about a group of citizens coming together and getting elected office holders that have very clear and concise directives from their constituents? What is not good about citizens of this country having an expectation that above large corporate groups, above party affiliation...Above anything else that those elected office holders adhere to the directives and promises made as to how the job will be done while on the campaign trail. What in the world could possibly be wrong with citizens coming together and making sure that candidates hear their voices at a time when politicians in Washington have a track record of using their constituents as a stepping stone to get their political victories at the ballot box. I find it ridiculous that this question is even asked. Its just another attempt of a media group which is controlled in part by those political hands in Washington DC, trying to plant that seed that the Tea Party movement is something to turn away from. The standard that politicians and the media in Washington hold to the Tea Party movement is ridiculous and based out of fear. The greatest assurance of our Republic is that when the politicians stop listening, when the government gets so big that the citizens can not control it any longer; then through peaceful congregations the citizens of this country affect the change that is desired by voting out undesirable politicians that pander to corporate influence, politicians that no longer hear the voice of their voter base and politicians that put their political ideology and political party above acting in the best interest of our Republic. Is the Tea Party movement bad for this country, only in the current state of our Republic is there any validity to an asinine question like this.