• Teachers interact differently with each and everyone

    Although AI may possess more information than a teacher but it cannot predict the way a teacher interacts with their students every student has a different kind of personality so a teacher interacts with them in the kind they need but AI can never predict how to interact with persons who have different personalities and characters hence A teachers Bond with the children can never be copied by any means of artificial intelligence

  • Teachers are the best

    We made tech and we put the information in it learnt from our teachers or sometimes by discoveries so teachers are the best computers don't have the way or body language to explain the way our teachers do so AI wouldn't help either because they don't have simple common sense

  • Teachers Here to Stay

    Students lose the life lessons teachers can give them. The net cannot teach discipline or hard work. It just gives the answers to the assignment questions. Teachers teach their students the value of an education and learning. They also show their students the importance of hard work and discipline. Plus, Teachers are physically there for their students. The point of a teacher is not just to teach the students in a subject but to help them with any problems the student may face.

  • Teachers are better

    Teachers play a very important role in defining our life. I am sure that a computer can never do that. Teachers are like our second mother and teach us moral values and help to build our character. Computers can also give us somewhat information, But who teaches us to use them? Obviously, Teachers. That's why teachers are better than the computer.

  • They can help with emotional problems to help you get back into the learning mood.

    Computers can't tell what you are feeling and can't help you through these problems as easy as a teacher can. Computers aren't able to tell by facial expressions, they way you talk, or by body language. A lot of teachers can tell if you are feeling down way more easy than a computer can.

  • Teachers are way better because they can make up fun things to do which tech sometime cant do!

    Why because teachers are people! That is their job to teach kids not to yell to put their phones down! Please they deserve to get paid just as everyone else does! Not the bill on the cellphone for data usage at school! Kids get me so mad when all they do is play on their phones all day! It is absolutely ridicules!

  • Teachers are referred as god

    Teachers guides us way to our destiny and internet cannot do that so... This is a wrong question... Teachers are like precious stones that we have from ancient times but internet is comparatively new... Why we break our faith for than new one... Internet can be used in education but only if you don't have a good teacher

  • Teachers have common sense

    Teachers have common sense and they will know what to do when there is an unexpected thing happening during the lesson. Like fire alarm rings during class and the teacher will instruct the classmates out of the classroom but robot, it might not know what is happening and it will just stand there any continue to teach the class with panicking students and they will get burned to death.

  • Teachers are better than computer!

    Teachers can never be replaced by computers. If computers replaced teachers then a MASSIVE amount of people would lose their job. A teacher has to get paid so with all of those people not having jobs, who knows, there could be another Great Depression. Teachers also become a part of peoples lives. Take any famous person, they will tell you that a lot of the credit goes to a teacher hey once had. With computers, we would just be listening to a screen all day instead of having fun. A lot of teachers teach while giving their kids fun. With a computer nothing would happen.

  • Teachers are better than computers

    Teachers can come help you all the time while at school.A computer needs internet to work but a teacher doesn't. Teachers have most of the answers. You can't get a computer working outside. If you do it can damage. Anyway a teacher can help you get on to technology. I think teachers are better than computers.

  • Net is a better teacher

    We get everything on net, Every answer to our question, We get our answers in both visual and written way. Today most of the teachers are teaching through you tube or blogs, Through internet we can connect to every teacher across the globe. So, We can say that net is more useful.

  • You can get everything on the net

    So basically as we know teachers can't give us everything if we search on the net you have many different resources that you can look through which means that if you can't understand once you could be going to another resource and try to understand better than the earlier site

  • Computers have better capabilities than teachers

    One teacher can clear doubts of his or her own subject. Ask a chemistry teacher to prove Newton's laws. He most probably can't answer. While any subject can be asked to google to get the answers, starting from Astrology to Physics, English to maths. Teachers might also not have patience when a student can't understand after explaining two times. It is a bad quality too. Computers can explain with their exposure to many people. Computers can be kept with u, as desktop in home, and mobile in pockets. Teacher has a lot of work to do. They have no time for using

  • I picked no for my opinion

    I think no because a teacher is better than a computer because when you think of it a computer really does not do a good job and a teacher will explain how to do things that you don't under stand and a computer can do damage to your vigen and you wont see well as you normally do thats my opinion

  • You need to vote for computers

    Computer are awesome and you can always revive them
    you cant revive teachers and teachers can be mean then computers always have one straight tone like siri and when you use that it wont hurt you and your feelings as much as a stern o-f mean teacher would. I like my teacher but computers are awesome

  • Haha haha ha

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