Is the technology of this era good for teens GOOD-Yes BAD-No

Asked by: dude234
  • Helps them Connect

    Technology helps teenagers connect with one another. It helps us share experiences and learn more about the world. We do not know a lot but through technology we can spread the news and help us learn. I greatly appreciate the use of technology. It has helped me a lot in the world.

  • Well... Yes and no...

    Today's tech comes from the teens of yesterday. Imagine what the teens of today can come up with tomorrow?

    However, I do not feel that the school day should be broken into thirds in elementary schools where the kids get 15 minute periods to text in the middle of class.

    I suppose in moderation its fine, but when little Billy is screaming his head off because Daddy didn't take out of work to stand in line at Best Buy on Black Friday and didn't get him the newest gaming console... Yes. It IS bad. Then again its the parents fault for allowing Billy to behave as he is.

    So is it technology that is bad, or is it the parents who don't set standards?

    You ever want to have a blast, go to YouTube and search for parents who are parenting right. One kid was made to smash his own 360 with a sledgehammer because his grades didn't improve in two weeks.

    Its not tech that is ruining children. Its the parents who let it happen.

  • If used excessively

    If technology is used excessively, and you cannot live without it, then it is not good. Technology and media, release the same drug in the brain, that drugs produce. Making it extremely addictive, and dangerous. Not to mention the excess in online predetors, and innnapropriate information. If controlled and monitored, internet can be a good thing for teens though. With benefits like, keeping in touch with friends, and access to info for school, and knowledge.

  • As a teenager, I support this side.

    We may not see it yet, but we will eventually see the consequences later on in our lives. And if nothing happens to us, then something can happen yo the next generation. There are several consequences occurring to those that repeatedly use mobile devices multiple times a day. And worse, parents don't know how to teach their children control, as the parents didn't have their own mobile device as a teenager either.

  • Only if abused

    Today in this generation that both teens and adults are becoming addicted. Social media and technology in general is not good for teenagers. They keep growing up in appearence but not mentally. They don't know how to have a face to face conversation anymore cause of texting. I mean it's fine if they don't abuse it but they are most dependent on phones.

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