• There is too much like it on television already.

    This show may take a slightly different spin on the idea of a talent search-based reality show, there are already far too many similar shows currently on television. While the show may attempt to draw audiences by only presenting children as competitors, this is not anything unique. Shows like America's Got Talent already showcase the talents of incredibly skillful acts of any age, and these shows have a huge established following. I think it will be incredibly difficult for a show like "Little Big Shots" to be successful with the competition that exists.

  • No time for novelty shows

    I saw some of it on a plane last night, and it's the type of show that screams "mid-season replacement." Talent shows have almost always failed, and especially now that they're basically compilations of stuff you can see on YouTube. By September, there will be a real show in its place. As it stands, its a cheap easy way to fill airtime.

  • "Little Big Shots" Bust

    Being a television aficianado, I would say that "Little Big Shots" will likely be a bust. I haven't heard of the series. Also, it is likely too geared toward a certain viewer pool, and thus unable to find a large enough audience to keep the ratings up. With so much competition not only on television, but from so many other online sources, the standards for story quality have increased.

  • "Little Big Shots" a bust?

    I do not believe that the TV show "Little Big Shots" will be a bust, because for starters the hosts are Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres. Then on top of that they are basically interviewing kids, which makes it a little like Kids Say the Darnest Things. Everyone loves kids and the hosts, so not I do not think it will be a bust.

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