• We are adults!

    We aren't children, we aren't on the playground, and we have no need to be overly sensitive.

    As adults, we have to understand that other adults are jerks sometimes. Sometimes they wont treat you with respect, are lazy, rude, condescending, manipulative, fake, or obnoxious. Extra points if it is a combo of *delightful* qualities we have all come to know and love.

    Tough cookies.

    Sometimes people are jerks! Crying about it and screaming "bully!!" left and right just goes to show how pampered and lovely your life really is. THE WORST thing happening to you would be Jim from cubicle 3 saying you have a big nose.

    Get over it.

  • Passage of adolescence

    To me bullying is when someone threatens or fulfills bodily harm to another. Teasing is NOT bullying. Bullying should never make one "suicidal" either. Retaliation may be in order...To get the point across you will not be intimidated. Grow up. Schools do not have the time or energy as police.

  • The term "bully" is overused.

    We have reached a point where every act that hurts someone's feelings is labeled "bullying" and the person doing the act a "bully." But children (as well as adults) can sometimes unknowingly hurt someone's feelings (even repeatedly) without the intent to be mean or hurtful. They are children and still in the process of learning right from wrong and what is funny vs. Hurtful. Language is powerful and we need to be cautious before we label all peer conflict as "bullying" and we need to let children learn conflict management and coping skills rather than having adults intervene in every situation. Such skills will serve them well in life. There are plenty of insensitive adults out there, too.

  • Yes it is overused

    I think people misunderstand respecting with liking. You are not obliged to like someone but I think you need to respect them. People often say he doesn't like me therefore he is bullying me. In life not everyone will like you and you have to live with that.Therefore I strongly think that the word bullying is overused.

  • Not everything is bullying

    Most people are quick to say bullying not everything is bullying. Just because somebody isn't included once doesn't mean they are being bullied. Bullying isn't as big of an issue as people say it is, mostly its just drama and one thing went wrong situations. People shouldn't be so quick to cry bully.

  • Tactical blaming...If you don't agree with me you are a bully!

    Sadly I new a child who would claim anyone who did not agree with them was a bully. It's was hard for the other kids to defend themselves when the boy is accusing them of being the bully. Kids need to understand that if a person has a conflicting option with you they are not a bully. We can't all agree all the time! My concern is that this pattern of behavior could desensitize people to the word and when genuine harassment happens, people may start ignoring the word bully all together!
    By the way, if you disagree with me you are a bully! :)

  • It is overused.

    Nowadays everything wants to be considered bullying. Anytime someone shows signs that they don't like you, they are considered a bully. Maybe they just don't like you, and news flash, they don't have to. Some kids try to hard to be friends with people or have abrasive personalities that some people have no choice but to be mean to them. They just don't want to be bugged by the "annoying" kid. It's not bullying though.

  • No Thick Skin!

    Nowadays you cannot say two words to an over sensitive kid without them crying to the bathroom of bullying. I think bullying yes is an issue, but also parents coddle their kids way too much! Teach them to fight back or not to be as prone to it I'll just be honest some kids who are bullied are those mamas boys who are wimps and just odd or its smartasses who try to one up other kids and sometimes its undeserving victims. They dont take enough steps to even stop it though there is no effort instead of blaming the other children do something with your own.

  • Tell kids what bullying ACTUALLY is

    I think the term is overused in society. I've heard kids say "he won't share his toy with me. He's being a bully." We all know this is not what a bully is. Therefore, we should continue to teach kids about bullying but we should also tell them what is not considered bullying.

  • Definitely is being overused

    Everything is starting to become "bullying". Simple teasing from elementary school that's good for building character and giving you a thicker skin for the real world is considered bullying now. Yes, bullying is a problem that should be addressed, but I feel as though if EVERYTHING is defined as bullying then where's the line? What's the limit? Being bullied just seems to be a trend or thing to be anymore.

  • The word 'bully' is still very relevant

    No, the term bully is not being overused. The word is used to describe a negative act, verbal or physical, against another person in order to intimidate that person. If anything that one says or does to an individual hurts that individual, the term 'bully' to describe the purveyor is appropriate.

  • Not at all!

    When my older sister was in the 8th grade a couple of girls had targeted her for no reason. One of the main girls who was bullying her used to be her best friend. But then my sister started talking to this guy she had feelings for, and her so called "friend" like him too, but she didn't know that. So when her friend found out about them she stared spreading nasty rumors about my sister around our school. The guy my sister was talking to heard about them and just randomly stopped texting her. Then she found out that her friend and the guy she liked had started dating. She acted like she was fine but i knew she wasn't. She eventually got through the 8th grade year and had thought she had left all that drama behind in middle school. She was ready to move on and go to high school. But that's obviously not what he ex-best friend had in mind. She started spreading rumors about my sister again. But this time she had multiple people helping her do it. Eventually my sister had enough, one night she took a bunch of pills and tried to commit suicide. My parents rushed her to the hospital as soon as possible. Nothing bad happened but she started cutting herself and stopped eating. And as her sister it outraged me to see that these freshman girls hated my sister soooooo much for no reason. But every time i wanted to talk to them (I was in 8th grade too) my sister said no. So i left it alone. She continued to be depressed and threatened to kill herself again. So my parents sent her off to a hospital to help her get better. She had try to tell my parents that she was being bullied but they didn't listen. You should never be afraid to tell someone your being bullied. Its not overused, so if someone tells you their being bullied, do something about it. You just could save their life.

  • It is what it is... Wrong.

    Being a bully is downright wrong. Doing anything do make oneself feel bigger, better, or gratified is being a bully. Saying the term is overused is simply an effort to justify the bully in their actions. There is no justification for any severity of bullying, and there is no excuse for it.

  • The Word Bully Is Not Overused

    Bully by definition can be applied to any person who, through superior strength or will power, imposes their will against another, contrary to that person’s desires. As unfortunate as it is, the playground bully has been around since the first days of the schoolyard, but bullying has now followed technological advances, and is visible even within the faceless world of the Internet. A bully is a bully, no matter where or what the individual circumstances, so no, the word is not overused in any sense, and may in fact be growing more prevalent in today’s society

  • Our concept of a bully is too small.

    We don't understand bullying as much as we think that we do. There are so many nuances in the idea, and bullying is more prevalent than we realize. Perhaps we need a better understanding of the concept of being a bully. Education is the key to reducing bullying among our kids.

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