Is the term SJW just a childish silly pejorative to undermine progressives?

Asked by: G_Skeptic-Guy
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  • Of course it is.

    Whenever new vocabulary enters the public dialogue, a new frame of reference has been created. Labels are a way of pre identifying nouns before a reasonable assessment can be made. This isn't to say the labels aren't deserved, earned, respected, ridiculed etc. I'm simply stating the fact that new language controls the frame or filter the sense we see the world through. It's an emotional appeal, nothing more.

  • It's lost all meaning

    At this point, "SJW" has become nothing more than a buzzword. Most often the word is used to describe someone that has views that the user of the word disagrees with. It means nothing anymore, unless you're talking about some of the really far-left people, but even then, it's not fair to group all progressives in the same category as someone who wants to make it a criminal offense to be male (just a hypothetical example)

  • Its the other way around

    SJW or Social Justice Warrior did not make the group bad. Rather its the other way around. The reason SJW has such a negative connotation to it is because of the way most people in that group behave, and act. Its that groups actions that determine if the name is bad.

  • Of course not

    It is an abbreviation for Social Justice Warrior. Just like Nazi stands for National Socialist. A B R E V I A T I O N S make life easier than saying the the whole phrase. It is pointless to think that it is childish when Social Justice Warriors are the most autistic and childish of all of the ideologies I have ever seen or heard of.

  • They reap what they sow

    I myself am a progressive male.

    Looking at SJW I am horrified at what I watch they constantly make names for themselves when they go out in public and call themselves SJW.Not only are they childish but they act rude.So i do not think the term SJW is underminding all of progressives but just the one with radical agendas who act childish themselves and do not accept the consequences of what they put it out

  • It is a response to childishness, and progressives undermining themselves

    The term SJW is pejorative, and it is kind of childish. But when you act in a childish manner, the reaction will likely be childish.

    Basically, a lot of people seem to feel like people under the SJW banner have made such a ridiculous spectacle of themselves to this point that they are worthy of ridicule. They act like they are 'warriors' in some noble fight, when their actions are fraught with censorship, over-sensitivity, and outright hypocrisy.

    This is also why they are called regressives. To be honest, if they respected people's right to have an opinion, and didn't label people that disagreed with them as literally Hitler, they would likely actually make headway on the fronts that still need work. Instead, they run the risk of turning society against them. Hence, Trump got elected.

    As much as I am all for people being able to live their lives the way they want, I can't respect those who don't respect the rights of others. And free speech is paramount.

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