Is the terrible roll out of Obamacare President George W. Bush's fault?

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  • No it isn't

    I do not think that the terrible roll out of Obamacare is President George W. Bush's fault. Not everything can be blamed on him. Who is to blame? Everyone. We are all guilty. We are citizens of this country and we have the right to vote. It is also the people who benefit financially or in other ways. The ones who control the people in powerful positions. It is their fault. It is everyone's fault.

  • Absurd question to answer

    I see that this question is pointed at the crowd of people that blame George W. Bush for things that happened under Obama's presidency. Some things that have happened really are a carry over, but this question in and of itself is absurd. This is one that Obama takes full responsibility for, and any blame/praise rest squarely on his shoulders.

  • ACA is Obama's Baby

    The Affordable Care Act is President Obama's crowning achievement, not George W. Bush's. If Obamacare fails, it's the fault of the president and the Congress that passed the law in March of 2010. The Bush administration is responsible for two unpopular wars and the Great Recession, but not for Obamacare's horrible roll out.

  • No, George W. Bush is not to blame for the Obamacare rollout.

    The Affordable Health Care Act is not tied in with George W. Bush in any manner whatsoever. He was not the active President when it was passed. George W. Bush has decided to stay out of politics, and has settled down in Texas. It's silly to blame him for something that was the thought and plan of President Obama, or to blame him for a malfunctioning website.

  • Bush Not Involved

    The problems with rolling out Obamacare, namely the website, were in no way connected to the past president, George W. Bush. The website issues were the product of poor planning and testing before opening the site up to the public. The company that was hired to do the work is entirely at fault.

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