• Best car ever - nothing else is even close

    Powerful electric motor
    Always the fastest car on the road
    Best regen - control the speed with one pedal
    most aerodynamic car
    Almost never use breaks
    No drive train - one gearconnectinga motor to axle - smooth as air
    No maintenance - no fluids, No belts, Hoses - no hot oil. . . !

  • At this moment in time it's excellent

    The adjustable suspension eases the ride on rough roads, Speed bumps, Etc. , And helps passage through flooded roads. The quickness is great going around slower traffic (I. E. , Most everything else) in the city or on the highway. The autopilot is terrific for lessening fatigue in stop and go traffic. The controls are easy to operate. No worries about belts, Exhaust, Transmission, Starters, Alternators, Oil leaks, Radiators, Head gaskets, And on and on.

    Posted by: BLC
  • Motor head Approved!

    I love cars. The scream of a Ferrari V12 is like an opera to me. But I'm fully ready to embrace the electric car. It is technically superior to gasoline in many ways. First, They're very mechanically simple. Only needs a single-gear drive train. Essentially only has one moving part, Which is the spinning electric motor. It's this simplicity that gives electric cars the potential to be more reliable than conventional gasoline vehicles. Second, The vast majority of the car is at the bottom. It doesn't have an engine per se, Everything that makes the car run is on one flat chassis. This lowers the center of gravity GREATLY. Good for cornering. Also since it takes up less space, That means more room in the cabin as well as additional cargo space, Which makes it more practical. And third, Of course, Acceleration! Instant power! Instant torque! Makes this 2. 5 ton family saloon get from 0-60 quicker than a porsche 918! Now, It's certainly not perfect. Of course range has not quite matched that of a gasoline car yet (though Tesla is making great progress to change that). It's also worth noting that, While most of its mass is at the bottom of the car, The battery bank of an electric car is quite a bit heavier than a conventional engine. Also of course zero-emissions cars are only clean if the energy comes from a clean source. If you drive an electric car but you get your power from a coal plant, It's not really that clean. So, Overall, Not perfect yet. But I don't think most of the problems with electric cars are really insurmountable. I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Tesla have made the electric car viable today's world, And that's quite an accomplishment. The Model S is a great car in its own right. Not just as an EV but as a well functional, Well rounded automobile. I believe electric power is the future, And I'm fully ready to embrace it.

  • Absolutely the best car ever.

    Innovation, industry disruption. Every automaker either has an electric car or is planning them. Some announcing going full electric at some point. Fastest production car made, and its a full size luxury car. Always pushing the envelope. Always at the cutting edge. Its forcing the entire industry to build better cars.

  • The Tesla Model S is safe, efficient, and sexy

    The Model S is made of lightweight aluminium and it achieved the highest safety rating in history. ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines) are about 10-20% efficient and lose about 70% of energy is lost as heat in the engine while the model s is about 60% efficient. It was named Motor Trends Car of the Year in the first unanimous vote. Consumer reports gave it a rating of 99 out of 100. There was a guy who accidentally drove his model s into a wall at 80 mph. He walked out of it without a scratch. With all of the features in this car I believe that it is the best car ever.

  • Tesla is Futuristic

    Tesla Model S is a great car. Possibly the best car so far ever. Electric, and very fast indeed. Great luxury and a price that isn't too bad considering the features. However, there is plenty of potential in cars yet, so there might be a better car in the future, but for now, Tesla all the way.

  • I think it's the best car ever

    The built in touch pad, the options, everything, I think it's the best car ever! Because of the way it looks plus it's interior! You can even watch YouTube videos in it! So these things so far makes it the best car ever, if you don't have one yet, buy one! It will be worth it's price...

  • Best car ever?

    Forgetting the mclaren f1, Carrera GT and Ferrari f40? What about the 959? What about the r34 gtr? What about the Toyota Supra? If you really think Tesla is the best car ever made, your high on something or you just love sucking Elon musks dick. Tesla is not a car, it’s just a piece of tech and that is why I would only get one as a daily. It is in no way an enthusiasts car no matter how quick it is.

  • Its a piece of shit

    Its to over priced, to quiet so you cant actually hear whats going on with your car, doesn't even look that good, almost a forth of every person in your town has one, and finally it doesn't really save you money if you are spending a hundred k to buy it

  • It is not necessarily a good car.

    There are some other cars that have a better performance rate than the Model S, some of the cars would include the Hennessy Venom, the Ferrari Enzo, and some other cars that would perform better than the Model S. The Tesla would be the most powerful electric car, but just remember the fact that the car of the same name had once exploded into flames.

  • Idk i think it looks good but i want my mommy and its ok to be alone as long as you have this car.

    Is that life is good and if you like a car buy it and if you think it's the best great we all got are opinions but one thing remains that is the price and quality aslo hace you seen my mom momdad is dead or fallen? I loveOr hatethiscar.

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