• Women have a moral right to decide what to do with their own bodies.

    The woman needs to be regarded as a person rather then the fetus. If you are not a woman, you do not get to have an opinion on this topic. A woman should not have to be forced into motherhood under any circumstances. Women need to be able to access abortion in order to be on equal social grounds with men.

  • The laws are being used to drive a misogynistic mindset.

    By denying women abortion, this law and many others prevent people from getting medically necessary abortions. People are also now potentially weighed down by lives and expenses they cannot afford, which keeps poor people people. This shows a lack of compassion for their lives. Men should not be creating laws that govern women's bodies unless they plan on somehow governing their own bodies in an equal and similar way.

  • Abortion is bad for women

    We are often told some sob stories about back alley abortions, of some poor woman afraid of having another child, dieing or being seriously injured. This is one of the stupidest arguments, but people believe it. The fact is that these children are killed needlessly, as they would live full lives otherwise, but instead are aborted. Abortion should be banned, there is no reason a woman can't have a child and put it up for adoption. Murder is not an acceptable alternative to childbirth and adoption. Today, it doesn't even cost a woman anything to have a child if she is not well off. The Texas abortion law is better than it was before.

  • Actually, this law is good for women.

    When one takes into account the fact that something in the neighborhood of 50% of fetuses aborted are female, it logically follows that laws likely to prevent abortions are in fact good for women. The loss of one's life is a far greater burden than being forced to carry a pregnancy to term. Furthermore, those women who do obtain abortions will now do so in higher quality facilities, and as such be safer. A net gain for women.

    Posted by: JDC

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