Is the Texas abortion ruling a victory for Texas women?

Asked by: chrumbelievable
  • Womens Healthcare = healthy soceity

    Women's clinics prove holistic healthcare for preventative medical practice. It is women's bodies, women's choices this is the new millennium and women do not have to defer to men about permission to seek female related health issues. For thousands of years women have subjected to dominance by men because of how procreative biology works. Why is it that women are given the freedom to choose to procreate while living in society as a whole human being men in power are threatened by it? Why are so many institutions usually lead by males like congress, local government and religious orders so frightened by and demonise positive female medical assistance through medical intervention? Throughout time... The witch hunts etc. If you do not support health care and healthy women who are raising healthy families that is fine do not participate or access the services. If the moral feeling is so strongly prevalent show your p;protest by not accessing if so many feel that way, the services will not be accessed and they will shut. But no, that is not enough there needs to be legislation and top down power denial and demonstration of strength. Health education and prevention programs destigmatise issues and result in healthier out comes for all. But if this happens who will those passionate zealots be able to target and vilify demonstrate just how superiour and Christian they really are. I confused as to what legislation like shutting down women's health services actually does. Is it to punish women who are getting educated about their bodies including preventative cancer treatment? Or women seeking to be educated and access contraceptive services and still have healthy and enjoyable sex life.( Yes women enjoy sex too it is the payoff for excruciating and painful childbirth.) or is it to punish women who have weighed up the pros and cons and believe it or not is likely to grieve the loss of pregnancy and kick her when she is down? Because holding up plack cards and publicly crowd bashing a frightened woman is a Christian tradition dating way past medieval times.
    This is a victory for women holistic health is a new millennium basic standard of health.

  • I'm going to take heat for this

    My comment is going to be somewhat short, because I'm not going to rant about sex conflicts or my stance concerning women's rights. Honestly, I believe in complete equality between men and women. The problem is that abortion is not an issue of women's rights. The debate should be over whether the fetus is a human or not. In other words, if the fetus is a living individual human, then it is murder to kill it. If it is not a living individual human, then it is perfectly acceptable to kill it. So far I have not been convinced of the latter so I side with the former. It seems very rational.

    A fetus is a human. Due to the scientific fact that it has the cells and DNA to develop what is the visible human body we see outside of the womb, but who's to say that's the only human body we're allowed to have? I argue the fetus has a human body that is in the earliest stages of development.

    A fetus is an individual. The simple scientific fact that it has different DNA from the mother is enough to classify it as an individual. Yes, it is connected by an umbilical chord, and it floats in the woman's womb, but these things are the mechanism by which it gets nutrients and protection. The source isn't necessarily relevant. It is an individual function.

    A fetus is alive. It consumes energy and uses it to grow and reproduce its cells. By definition it's alive.

    The point if all of this is that abortion is not a matter of women's rights. It's not a religious agenda. It is a matter of human rights. The debate ought to be solely focused on whether or not the fetus is a living individual human.

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