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Is the theory of Evolution "supported" or "proven" Yes for "proven" more than supported No for "supported" more than proof

Asked by: Penguin660
  • This is a bad question

    A theory in science is the most prestigious status an idea can have. When we see something in the natural world ( a law) we try to come up with the why ( theory). This means that all or most of the evidence supports and point toward the conclusion. When and if we find evidence that "disproves" evolution, it is studied and scrutinised by every side of the scientific community. If the new data holds up to scrutiny then the theory is changed to better fit the data of all possibilities.
    Not to mention evolution literally just means to change over time. Everything evolves, from companies to planets, everything. The theory of evolution through natural selection is the way we believe that the changes we see over time in living things happened.

  • Evolution is just a "theory"

    Using this argument only shows you have no right to argue about truth in science. First off evolution is speciation that multiple species have arose. The theory of evolution at least Darwin's only describes natural selection. Second a theory in science unlike a theory outside science holds the same weight as a law. We have so many proofs of evolution ( there are so many I could not list them here just google it and find anything scientific or just read a high school text book on evolution) people who claim evolution is false are cherry picking everything you cherry pick what you believe from your book you cherry pick what legit science is science please just stop maybe if your beliefs fail to reflect reality its not REALITY that is false.

  • I am not sure???

    Please state what you think is true. I need help with my homework. I am not sure if is a fact or if it is just supported. I am those people who are in the middle, and basically stuck between opinions of evolutionary theories. So, what do you think is true???

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