• Of course it is true.

    I'm sorry, but you just cannot deny solid evidence. For the past several decades, scientists have discovered the fossils of our ancestors. Using DNA coding, they managed to prove that those fossils are indeed related to us. In early 2013, scientists mapped the genome of the Neanderthals, the species that came before modern humans. By doing that, we gained even more proof that we are related. So I honestly do not understand why anybody would not agree with evolution. It's not a theory and has not been for a long time. It is a fact.

  • This is not as matter of opinion

    This is not as matter of opinion. How can ask for an opinion about a fact ?? Evolution has been proven a thousands times over. This is really a dumb topic. You either accept the facts or live under the propoganda that is religion. The truth might oppose your beliefs but thats no reason to completely disregard it.

  • It's totally true.

    It's probably best to study biology before one claims to know how biology works. Those tens of thousands who have devoted their lives to studying evolution has found enormous evidence for it. It is not a hypothesis; it is a theory with a heckofalot of evidence. There is nothing illogical about it, but there is something beautiful about it. I think evolution is some of the best evidence we have for the existence of a higher Divinity.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Even the formation of the simplest element is too complex to be explained logically.

    The theory of organic evolution is a model based on hypothesis and it can be proved experimentally. The formation of the simplest atom(hydrogen) is much more complex then the guess made in this theory.
    How were the organic compounds created which leaded to the creation of life on the earth?

  • Doodle's don't do evolution mang

    Matching genital organs cannot evolve to fit between two genders without planning. It doesn't fit with evolution and no one has an answer for it, the answer you get is, "Sexual reproduction evolved because you get more genetic diversity between the two gene pools" But this is a 'why it's good' Answer, not a how it happened answer. Upon pointing this out you will promptly be the target of insults to your intelligence, they will question your credentials and tell you to go study evolution before making a fool out of yourself. They will then convince themselves that it isn't a problem for evolution or that scientists are just about to solve the puzzle. After this has taken place they will harshly brush aside your skepticism and try to turn the argument on you saying "wel if you dun belive in dis you must belief in faries , idiot LOL UR MUM" at this point its better to just leave the argument where it is, sexual reproduction kills the theory, don't waste time trying to explain it to them by comments on YouTube videos or by writing pointless cases on boring websites that nobody looks at, like Debate.Org

    Is the theory of organic evolution true? The most common answer is, "Of course it is, It's a fact and everybody knows that. There are mountains of evidence for it and you would have to be a crazy religious nut locked in your mothers basement with nothing to eat but bibles and pseudo-science creation magazines to possibly escape the overwhelming evidence for evolution that is consecutively kicking you in the teeth and ass at the same time.

    The evidence is very far from convincing, Its a ridiculous world-view. And unfortunately for you and contrary to popular belief, being an atheist does not make you more intelligent.

  • Even Darwin Discounted Evolution

    Organic evolution is some made-up dream about how life came to be. The chances that we all eventually crawled out of a giant cesspool are so infinitesimally small that it would be easier to win the lottery three times than to watch a complete cycle of evolution occur not once but twice. If evolution were true, both a male and a female would have had to evolve simultaneously.

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