Is the third Assassins Creed the best out of the series? (Excluding 4 that is coming out)

Asked by: MyownOpinion
  • Yes, admittedly so.

    People need to realize that the first game was really not that great. The series was mediocre from the start.
    I enjoy it, but I don't hold any of the games up as anything special.
    AC3 is really the best in the series.
    Incredible improvement on the quests, the storyline, the character development, and on the combat.

  • It really just depends on your preference

    I was kinda disappointed when I played. The story line was pretty good but all I seemed to do was run back and forth between towns and it got kinda boring pretty quickly. I was hoping for a little more action then what I had received but other than that I wouldn't put it higher than the others

  • Actually it was a huge letdown

    Considering that AC3 only spent a single year in development, it seems reasonable that the game offers little to no innovation from the previous Assassins Creed Installments. Starting from the first Assassins Creed, we have a relatively innovative open world game bringing in the most crucial content of the AC series, namely characters, combat system, and abilities. AC2 improves the first game in nearly every aspect, creating a much brighter world setting in the renaissance period while introducing new gadgets, characters, and much better character development. But when it comes down to AC3, aside from a new region to explore, the only true addition in the game was naval combat. Meanwhile the new characters felt extremely artificial, and missions were more repetitive and pointless than ever, making the third installment my least favorite one out of the three.

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