Is the Third World's labour more creative or clever?

  • Is Human Development relevan?

    In my research, "Analisis Pengaruh 3 Indikator Pembangunan Manusia Terhadap Pertumbuhan Ekonomi pada 5 Daerah di Provinsi Riau" shows that literacy rate is significant efect to the economic growth than mean years of schooling. That mean, people can learn something new with autodidac if that people has literacy to write and read. Hence, many of people in Riau Provine (Indonesia) "dropout" and work at the informal sector (palm farmer). In early 2009, subprime mortgage crisis also broke the Crude Palm Oil price. And then, that also slowing Riau's economic growth.

  • This should not be the case.

    The idea that the Third World Laborer are more clever and smarter is not based on facts, but a mere wild guess. Factory workers and laborers are forced to go on long tedious shifts on the mere fact that they are forced to struggle owning to poverty and financial constraints. This gives a false idea that people in the East are more smarter than those in the West. When a person is struggling hard for a mere survival, subsisting on meager means, his instinctive capabilities are more magnified to us and we think that the person living on the other side of turf is more competent than us. I believe anyone can become smarter, creative and original regardless of their geographical whereabouts.

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