Is the traditional family comprised of one man and one woman and their natural offspring the fundamental unit of all society?

Asked by: americanfirst
  • The family, throughout all human history, has been the critical component in all societies.

    Marriage is a fundamental social institution, deeply rooted in all societies, which has been tested and reaffirmed over thousands of years.
    Life in the world is established by one man and one woman reproducing sexually and forming a family. There is absolutely nothing that is more important to a society than the structure and authority of the traditional "family".
    We come to this world depended upon loving parents and we reciprocate our love to those that selflessly gave of their life to our care in our formative years - the process works generationally if taught deliberately by our own example.
    Our failure to take ownership of this personal and solemn responsibility is the direct reason for a great many of our social ills in society.
    As our societies grow and mature they will naturally question their philosophical origins (and rightly so). But that the traditional family and the role and responsibility a husband and a wife have as father and mother to their children cannot be superseded by any other role in any society.
    Without it societies crumble.
    There is no more important work one can do than that which resides within the walls of ones own home.
    Our parents legacy to the human family is the propagation of well-adjusted, productive, moral citizens that make ethical choices and philosophically understand their role and responsibility as future parents to their own societies.

  • No no no

    Family can be whatever you want it to be, love have no gender, and people now in this life time should not be held to the standards of thousands of years before us, people should have the right to choose whoever they want and not have bigoted idiots standing in the way of that freedom, just cause you want to live in the past doesn't mean the rest of us do. And general family? What about brothers and sisters and parents. Family in not just about marriage

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