Is the Trail of Tears the most important event for the Native Americans on the United States timeline?

  • yes it is

    Yes, I think that this was the most important event that ever had happened to them here in the US, since it showed that the government was set on making them get stripped of all of the rights that they had, and that we were going to kill them off.

  • Trail of tears important part of history

    I think the Trail of Tears was a vital part of Native American history. It was a tragic part of United States history as a whole. The mass Exterminating of so many people is bound to have a profound lasting impact throughout history on it's people. Native Americans being forced off their lands and relocated was a horrific thing. It is something g those people can never forget.

  • No, not for the Native Americans

    The notion of the Trail of Tears is a largely American view of a series of egregious historical events that culminated in the eradication of American Natives from the South Eastern United States. While it certainly is a significant event in United States history, I doubt that Native Americans place as high a value on it, but instead see it as part of a systematic onslaught against all Indian tribes to remove them from any desirable lands that they formerly considered their homelands.

  • When We Showed Up

    I do not believe the Trail of Tears is the most important event for the Native Americans on the United States time line. The Trail of Tears did affect a large population, but it didn't involve every Native American. I believe the most important thing on their time line is our arrival, which set off all the other events.

  • No, it is not.

    This was a very tragic event but was not and should not be held as the most important event on the United States time line. This is horrible to say that Native Americans deaths were more important than reservations or other events. Our history is so screwed up and no this is not that important.

  • Its so dumb

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