Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a threat to the Internet?

  • Yes, the TPP threatens the Internet.

    The TPP is an agreement between many nations that, in draft form, appears to limit many human liberties and rights to free speech when it comes to the Internet. The TPP threatens the very privacy of the common Internet user, which, in these days, is nearly everyone. The TPP is a secretive pact between governments trying to obtain control. It can bring no good.

  • Yes, the TPP is a great threat to the Internet.

    For the world to benefit the most from the Internet, it can not be fully controlled by a small minority. With the TPP, only a small group of people will have power, and the Internet will be left in the hands of corporations. When a broader group of people have the power, they will be able to create new ideas and processes that will benefit all.

  • Yes, who would have a say in how far it would go

    The concern that I have has to do with TTP's opinion on intellectual property provisions. The basis of stopping Internet piracy is a good ideal to work towards, but at what cost? I don't believe that someone who pirated a movie in Japan, should be able to face charges from the United States, especially with little assistance from their own government.

  • this company can prohibit almost everyone

    Who gives the power? How has the authority to say what we can and can not use on the Internet. Yes we have to stop hackers and cyber criminals, but the whole world relies on the Internet. I know if I wasn't able to listen to my commercial free radio stations for free, I would be lost. The kids of this generation don't know how to open a book any more. Students rely solely on the information that we receive on the Internet that we pay for, which is not cheap!

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