• It may be

    Maybe some would argue that because of the level of secrecy that surrounded the whole situation is perhaps what people are making a big fuss out of and rightly so because there should be no reason for that type of secrecy especially if it involves international relations and foreign affairs.

  • Yes to Trans-Pacific

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is worth the fuss economically because it provides for the improvement of trades in regards to importing and exporting raw materials. Without the fuss regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership, then the embargo's would have to get explored which means more political litigation and more of a cost factor.

  • The TPP is NOT about free trade, it's about multinationals taking over public policy

    Trade agreements have already weakened our sovereignty. This would do even worse. It has been leaked that the agreement would allow multinational corporations to sue national governments over environmental and public health regulations if it adversely effects their 'bottom line'. It basically rules that my lungs are less important than a wealthy man's profits and that the opinions of people in our society are irrelevant if they contradict the opinions of big businessmen and faceless trade organization bureaucrats. If TPP passes you can say goodbye to what democracy we have left. If TPP passes corporations dictate public policy.

    I am not against fair trade between nations, but for truly fair trade we need to abandon these coercive international mechanisms that allow multinational corporations to hold nations, ours and others hostage with legal threats. Trade policy should be a sovereign nation's right to determine in accordance with its best interests. Trade negotiations should occur on a case-by-case basis, and no nation should be compelled to levy sanctions against another nation simply because that nation adopted a policy, which it has good reason to believe will benefit its people but that multinational businessmen do not like.

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