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  • The trade deal is being kept under wraps until 2019, and it is a large-scale business deal

    The trade deal is being implemented as a means of promoting trade and stimulating economic growth between the European Union and the US. Negotiations have been taking place since 2013. After a draft was leaked in 2014, the European Commission decided to limit the amount of information it would provide to the public. People may be concerned, thinking 'what does this mean for me?' Ordinary citizens are right to take to the streets in protest when they believe their democratic rights are being threatened in relation to labor rights and standards. In a broad sense, there is a lot at stake in terms of market access, rules and regulations for trade and business. In the long run, promoting free trade around the world by relaxing tariffs is beneficial for business.. Yet, each nation will have to make its own agreement and be harmonized with the EU-US deal if it is to succeed on a broad scale.

  • It Could Help

    Any time there is a new deal in line people try to push their propaganda to get it stopped. Now people like to push propaganda but they have no desire to fix the problems they claim to see. Now if we could get past this pettiness then we might be able to reach an agreement that benefits everybody. Compromise, it's a real thing and it works.

  • Transatlantic trade threat?

    The proposed trade agreement between the European Union and the United States should not be looked at as an inherent threat to the people of both nations or to citizens across the globe. Any partnership whereby trade and ideas can be shared has the potential to do good as easily as it has the potential to harm.

  • Learn more first

    There is no threat to citizens from any trade deal, the only thing that is threatened is the manufacturing industry within the US. some trade deals need to be disbanded to increase the production of goods in the US thus boosting the economy within. There is no need for the United States to be purchasing goods from other countries when they could be made right here at home.

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