• I would say yes

    Because back in the day women didn' t even have jobs. Now most women have jobs or have money supported by other people. One hundred years ago women couldn't even vote now most women do. Before it was considered for a women to work somehere else of she was married. In my opinon, I would say yes treatment of women is still improving.

  • The treatment of women is slowly improving.

    I say yes, the treatment to women is improving however it also depends where you are in the world. I live in Australia and here it is ranked 2nd on the gender empowerment measure (GEM). It follows these aspects in ranking: value- 2013, rank-2013, ratio-2010, birth rate-2010-2015, shared amount seats in parliament female and male-2013, secondary education 25+ female and male and participation rate 15+ female and male- 2012.

    Our world is slowly improving in the way soecity is run, technology, parliamentary, etc. the treatment towards women is slowly improving. What ever way you look at it everyone should be looked at the same way, non- judgmental, regardless of gender, sexuality, mental capacity, psyical capacity, culture and appearance, etc.

  • In other places women are trying to get independence however cowardly boys are trying to keep us trapped in the dark ages

    I do agree that women are getting more rights and are being respected more. But there is still alot that can be done in every country, but im mainly talking about every country except the US. Yes there is more that can be done in the US but other countries need way more help. In Africa, Europe, Puerto rico, Mexico, and like every country that exists. Its still seen as the 'norm' for women to be dictated by men. Boys think they own women and treat them like slaves. Thats not right at all. No human should be 'owned' everyone has rights, but no one has rights to treat humans like sex slaves and abuse them. Its immoral, dishonorable, and they should be ashamed and get accelerated punishments!

  • Arguable it may be

    But in the last two centuries particularly the last centuries women equality has been getting better. The main turn around was probably world war II when all the jobs needed doing and no-one else could do it because they were all out fighting for there country so the women had to do it to support there country and so the soldiers had something to come back to. This caused the greatest turn around in Europe but in Asia conditions are still quite bad and that is the reason why i think it is arguably getting better however slow an improvement it might be.

  • It is improving

    The treatment of women is improving, especially when it comes to women in the work place. I think that women are finally being treated equally and are getting the same treatment as their male counterparts when it comes to working and getting promotion, and will continue to get better over time.

  • Of course it is

    Women are no longer housewives who simply cook, clean, and have children. Instead they have lives outside of their homes. Women hold positions in office, own their own companies, and are expected to have jobs. Instead of having no rights and being slaves due to gender, women are now voting, working, important people.

  • Of course it is - look how far women have come in the past century.

    Although women should have never been so oppressed in the first place, consider how far we have come in the past century (specifically the past two decades). Just 100 years ago, women were not allowed to vote. Fifty years ago, it was considered shameful for a married woman to work outside the home. In present day, there are now women in management positions, and political office.

  • Women's rights are improving

    The treatment of women are improving, it isn't overnight improvement but it is happening over time. One hundred years ago women couldn't vote and weren't supposed to work outside of the house. Now women have careers and are expected to do that. They don't necessarily get the same pay as men yet but their wages are improving over time.

  • Id say yes

    While this could go either way I have to say yes overall. Women in todays society have made great gains. They work along side men and get good jobs that they used to not get. Certain things still need to improve such as research shows that men still make more money than women do, doing the same job.

  • Men are treating women with the same ,or less, respect than in the past.

    Some women and men would disagree with this statement. In my opinion men used to think of women as a honor to have. Now in society men just assume that they can have any girl they see. Women used to receive the best and finest things around. Now we are treated like there is no reason to fight for us. There are so many things shouted at women that are degrading. Men used to be gentlemen and care and love for their women. There are vulgar this said and thought about women that should not be. Yes we have more rights and freedom, legally, but that does not mean that we are receiving those. Also that doesn't mean we are being treated better.

  • I disagree

    This is wrong because women are still being abused and used as slave and sex workers. Research has shown that around 75% women in Asia are still being treated badly and roughly. This is the reason why i disagree. In, conclusion i would like to restate my argument which is that women are still being treated with disrespect and dishonor.

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