• Mugshots are never hot

    With the new trend of "hot" mugshots being glamorized in tabloids and magazines along with the increase in school shootings, we need to reconsider the message we are sending to children and society as a whole. Crime is not glamorous- it is petty. What will a life of crime give a person? Not fame and fortune, that is for sure. It is a dead end and glamorizing crime is a plague to society.

  • Yes, definatley glamoriing crime

    I think the fact that mug shots are now going viral are making criminals more glamorized. I could not see desperate people trying to get famous getting in trouble hoping they will be noticed by their mug shot. I don't think any mug shot should be released at all and this way it will not make crime look attractive.

  • No, I do not think that admiring "hot" mugshots is glamorizing crime.

    I do not believe that the new trend of admiring attractive mugshots is glamorizing crime. In most cases, law abiding citizens can agree with the fact that someone who commits an illegal act should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Happening to notice that a criminal is attractive in no way makes a life of crime look more appealing.

  • People still know better.

    No, the trend of admiring hot mugshots is not glamorizing crime, because the vast majority of people still want the laws enforced. There will always be a small percent of the population that glorifies crimes. They will only find new ways to do it. Most people know that the punishments for crime are not glamorous.

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