Is the true test of a democracy its protection of minority rights?

  • The minority is still part of the population the democracy swore to protect.

    Democracy is an ideology that is aimed to protect basic rights of the people within that country and by suppressing a small group of their rights, such as freedom of speech, the country moves into an authoritarianism rule. According to the Universal deceleration on democracy by the Inter-Parliamentary council, a democracy is aimed to preserve and promote the fundamental rights of an individual [regardless of their classification of a minority]

  • The true test of democracy is its protection of minority rights.

    Democracy is fundamentally the idea that every single person should have a voice. When minorities are oppressed, their voices are taken away. In order to ensure that the aims of democracy are being fulfilled, the rights of minorities, and their voices, must be protected. Any society that does not is not trule a democracy.

  • Yes - it shows our true nature and mettle

    Democracy is one of the best ways to tell how people in a nation feel about a subject. One way it can be put the test is by putting minority rights on the line. When the people are allowed to vote and tell how they feel about minority issues, that is when you know what kind of people you have in your nation.

  • Democratic Ideals Use Input from All Circles

    How a democracy treats its poorest and most helpless citizens, often a minority group, is indicative of the strength of its people. A democracy reaches out to everyone, not just the party in power. America elected its first African-American president four years ago when a majority of whites voted for him. How we treat our minorities depends upon respect and dignity, not fear and loathing.

  • Yes, because without it, a democracy can be oppressive.

    In an absolutely pure democracy, there are no minority rights. What the majority wants goes, and the minority has no say in it. However, this can lead to untenable situations and what most would regard as human rights violations. So, I think the true test of whether that state is actually developed and civilized would be if it is able to maintain democratic institutions but at the same time protect minority rights.

  • No, I think democracy is about more than minority rights.

    No, I think democracy is about more than minority rights. There are so many things that should be considered first rather than minorities. Democracy should be based upon how presidents are elected and how people choose their government, rather than whether or not minorities are being appeased and kept happy.

  • No. Absolutely not.

    No, it is not. It is never a true democracy when we favor the minority over the majority. Everyone should have equal rights regardless of race or ethnic background. It is only considered a fair democracy to those who are being protected. The founding principal of a democracy is to serve the many, not the few.

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