• Of course it is

    I don't know *which* Trump-Russia story, but there is clearly something suspicious going on between the two. At the very least, the Trump team has an unusually friendly relationship with the Russian government. There are numerous lines of evidence we can follow:

    1. Trump has consistently expressed a personal affinity for Vladimir Putin and the country of Russia. He's supported a pro-Russia foreign policy for years.

    2. Trump has done quite a bit of business with Russian oligarchs in the past, which is probably why he's so fond of Russia. He's sold properties to them, attempted joint-ventures with them, taken loans from them, and perhaps even participated in their money-laundering endeavors.

    3. Trump consistently surrounds himself with people who have similar financial and ideological ties to the Russian government: Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone, Wilbur Ross, Rex Tillerson, etc...

    4. Throughout the campaign, there were several secretive meetings between Trump associates and Russian government officials.

    5. The Russian government clearly supports Trump's presidency, so much so that they directed an extensive cyber-operation to help his campaign.

    So we know there's that there's some sort of Trump-Russia alliance. The real question is -- did it involve any illegal quid-pro-quo arrangements? That's what all the investigations are attempting to determine.

  • He's the one behind it.

    He's the Kremlin candidate. I mean, how come did this man won the presidency to the delight of Vladimir Putin and his allies? No matter how he said that those are "lies", they are real because he's the won who robbed the presidency from Hillary Clinton. Perhaps he should tell the American people that the Russian story is TRUE and he will be impeached!

  • I would be surprised if it was true.

    I'm an independent voter. I would dismiss most of the narrative against President Trump if it weren't for two things:

    1) He, on camera, solicited help from the Russians. That bothered me in July of 2016 when I saw this on TV. Here's the clip:

    2) The Steele Dossier has been around on the web since Oct 16. I read it prior to the election. Clearly some of the more dramatic parts were speculative. But the Steele Dossier named many of the people that are clearly the focus of the Russian investigation and the direction the investigation is going seems very close the revelations in the Dossier. This seems to give more credence to the Dossier.

    Those two thing give me great pause about the President. His poor choice of people to surround him and the continual drama he creates doesn't help in building confidence in his decision making process. Poor decisions seem to be the rule on a daily basis. His defense seems to be he is too smart to collude. I find that argument hard to believe.

  • Which Trump Russia story?

    There are so many with many degrees of evidence. Certainly, what is not controversial is that Russia sent spies to Trump's camp saying, "We're on your side & have dirt on Hillary". Trump's team took the meeting, rewarded the spies, & kept the meeting secret until Manafort found out the FBI knew about it. That alone is a considerable amount of law-breaking that nobody denies any longer.
    Nobody denies that Trump invited the top Russian spymaster into the Oval Office with cameras & electronics and told him secrets about Israeli ops in Syria so sensitive that the White House could not release the transcript of the conversation, leaving Putin to tell US journalists what happened. That's not illegal but it is certainly collusion & a deep corrosion of US interests abroad.
    I guess we'll have to see if Trump actually laundered Russian money or accepted fat bribes disguised as real estate transactions or modified the GOP platform on Ukraine in exchange for hacked oppo or cash but certainly just the transgressions Trump admits are true by themselves amount to a true Trump-Russia partnership & an unprecedented foreign manipulation of US politics.

  • Yes of course it is.

    Most people who would say it's not are Trump supporters. Of course we don't know for sure that this is true. This wouldn't be so much of an opinion if we found out the truth. Debates are kind of about which is better not which is true. But Trump lies quite a lot and then covers it up. The meeting Trump Jr. Had that was uncovered, I BET Trump knew about it. Trump would go pretty far to protect someone. The question is: how far would he go? Trump is already doing some illegal things so I think he's just trying to cover his ass so he doesn't have to admit he lied. People fight that there's no evidence but Trump does some crappy things and there's no reason why I shouldn't believe he did.

  • Heck to the No.

    Although Trump has had business dealings in Russia, he has done nothing illegal. This is just a fake story created by the Democratic Party elites to frame Tump and bring about the downfall of the Republican Party. As the saying goes: "If you tell a lie enough times, people will start to believe it."

  • A year of investigation later, and not a shred of proof.

    Just about the whole intelligence community has been investigating Trump and Russia for almost a year now. If they had even minor evidence of Trump and Russia colluding, I'm pretty sure the mainstream media (CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Washington Post, etc.) would have said something about it by now. The fact that the mainstream media still pursues this story without any evidence or suggestion of any evidence even existing shows the extremely lopsided view of politics by them.

    As far as I am concerned based on the evidence (or more accurately, lack thereof), Trump-Russia is nothing more than a bourgeois progressive conspiracy theory and fake news.

  • Gotta say I'm a bit surprised that people can't see the obvious

    If a murderer, a thief, or a rapist behaves in this fashion, we would all see right through the lies, has Donald trumps gold plated slate of lies really enticed half a nation of people so desperate for change that we will believe anything?

    Yeah he got help stealing or buying an election, then upon taking office fires the people who might actually have enough brains to figure it all out all the while basically turning the government into a family and close friends run dictator ship of the one percent with the sole design of covering his ass. I wish that treason had a broader definition I'm the constitution because Donald Trump and his administration would make our fore fathers vomit over what he's turning this country into.

    Enjoy the rights you have while you have them. They're all being sold to the investments, and private interests of the wealthy. The rich get richer, the middle class becomes the poor, and our socioeconomic problems with the severely impoverished go from squeezed to a full on death choke.

    I want to state that I am neither Republican or Democrat.
    Hillary was a dumpster fire too. But a liar is a liar is a liar, and no amount of faith or hope can change that.

    But any one who thought putting a billionaire in a position of absolute power was not looking at historical facts.

    You do not become that rich by being honest and just.
    Donald Trump just made enough money amassed enough power to pay his way out of trouble over and over again.
    Then he used the same system to cheat an election.

    Just having a lot of money and power is no indication that you can lead a nation. I hope we learned this now.

    America needs a real working class man or woman to lead us into the future. But because our society only allows those with wealth and preexisting political influence to really have a chance at running and winning in an election, it won't happen until we as a nation have finally had enough and enact real change driven by the people.

    We have made a mistake by letting out emotions as a nation dictate our most important of decisions. And now we will pay the price for another 3 years.

    Reject this self aggrandizing, explosive tempered, unstable, old money rich, racist, underhanded, dishonest man, who had become a beacon for everything that America does not stand for. And let us elect someone who actually cares about the working and the poor, someone who will work fairly with business and the international community as well. Someone who wants a fair deal for all americans, and who doesn't want to only help those who don't actually need it.

    We are thought to be better than our past mistakes. Let's prove it by actually helping make the world a great place and not just serving ourselves out of greed and fear.

  • It's just another lie by the left

    If Americans truly cared about Russian collusion, they wouldn't be wasting taxpayer money on an investigation where Obama's own intelligence agencies had previously stated there was no evidence.

    They would also be asking that a special prosecutor be appointed to thoroughly investigate Hillary, as there is evidence of not only Hillary colluding with Russia, but that she & John Podesta were involved in money laundering involving a Russian bank & Putin.

    Why is the left pointing fingers at Trump & not screaming from the rooftops about Hillary having Robert Mueller deliver stolen uranium samples to Russia in 2009? As I read the cable Hillary sent to Russia, I could only laugh at the irony that Hillary informed Russia that the transfer would occur on the tarmac. What is it with Clinton's & tarmacs?

    For those not familiar with the "stolen" uranium, let me enlighten you. The uranium, which originally was owned by Russia, was confiscated by the DOE in an undercover sting operation. In order for the sale of the uranium to go through, it had to be voted on by CFIUS, of which Hillary was a member of. Since she had previously received money from both Canadian mining officials & Russia, she should have recused herself.

    What I find astonishing is that so many are willing to lie or deceive the public. If people want the truth, they need to do their own research & read the cables & emails that both Podesta & Hillary sent via her private server.

    Based on the records that have been uncovered, after Russia announced their intent on purchasing a majority stake in Uranium One, Bill Clinton was given $500K, allegedly for a speech in Russia.
    The speech he allegedly gave, was to the Russian bank that was promoting stocks for Uranium One. The Clinton's also received $2.35 million from Russia in 3 separate transactions over a 4 year period as the sale was finalized & also large sums from Canadian mining officials.

    Another point proves that Hillary is very adept at lying was her refusal to disclose all monies received from foreign donors. This was a promise she made to Obama as he requested his administration would provide any & all info on donations they received from foreign countries. Yet, Hillary not only voted to authorize the sale, she also reneged on her promise to Obama to disclose all foreign donations, including the $2.35 million received from Russia. Will Russia now side with North Korea or other "enemies" of the US by selling them HEU?

    The last question I have will the FBI turn over their current investigation regarding public corruption by the Clinton's to a special prosecutor, if one is appointed?

  • Trump did not collude with Russia

    The reason I say that Trump did not collude with Russia is the fact that Hillary used Russia as a scapegoat when he emails were leaked by Julian Assange. From my understanding, Comey even said that there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. Even if there was any collusion, there has been no evidence given to support collusion.

  • Like the Gulf of Token, blown out of proportion.

    Like meargle said, there was no evidence linking Trump to Russia, whereas he may have had deals, he hasn't done anything illegal. Rather, I feel that the media blew it out of proportion, Conservative or Liberal. Once again, I must reiterate that even if it happened, it was blown out of proportion.

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