• Unecessary singling out random citizens based on appearance alone.

    I have a somewhat different appearance and demeanor which gets me targeted and harrassed at every TSA check.
    Before you say anything stupid, Keep in mind that generally, People cannot choose the way they look, Beyond normal grooming and good hygene. There are beautiful people and average people and people like me.
    The quality of many tsa workers has always been suspect, And it has been reported many have criminal records themselves. It shows in the ignorance and rudeness they commonly display. They are not needed for anything other than the intimidation and humiliation of normal loyal patriotic Americans and they often overlook obvious potential terrorists perhaps for fear of accusations of "profiling" which is an idiotic thing by itself. If ONLY dogs are known to have killed chickens, Why would you NOT be on the lookout for DOGS? F***ing idiots.

  • No one has a right to touch your body “for safety reasons”

    I would say that the scanners they have for metal and electronics te more than enough , no law enforcement agent or even federal agency has the right in regards to the constitution or the declaration, assuming either of those mean anything anymore in America, to search someone’s baggage or touch them in private places or in any way that makes them feel uncomfortable or violated without proper suspection , if a law enforcement agent has a legitimate reason and evidence for a specific reason as to why a passenger can not be trusted to uphold their personal safety and the safety of those around them , or they are carrying illegal substances , then they have no right to search anywhere or touch anyone especially not without a warrant.
    Checking your stuff, telling you how much liquid you can have and how much you can carry in your carry on bag or how big it can be is already enough of an inconvenience, if the weight is so important I would ask why they allow severely overweight people onto the aircraft especially if they are looking to balance the weight of carry on luggage and people with the weight of the luggage in storage.

  • Nothing but an Amendment violation

    The tsa is violating our 4th amendment which is protection from search and seizer. They have violated this right and need to be stopped. They search American citizens (without a warrant) just to "stop terrorism". What needs to be stopped is our government messing with our unalienable rights that this country is supposed to grant. I am an 8th grader who lives in Lubbock Texas and this is my view of our rights being violated.

  • Yes and no

    I disagree with the TSA's random searches like random pat downs and gunpowder searches. I agree with the scans of items and people. I was searched at age 9 for gunpowder because of a random search. This isn't what we need. We need to re look at what they do.

  • The TSA is ballantly unconstitutional.

    The Fourth Amendment gives all U.S. citizens the right to be secure in their possessions and be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. However, the Patriot Act and the heightened security of the TSA have revoked these basic American rights for "safety" while flying. The Constitution lays out Americans rights and there is absolutely no exception for the goverment to deny anyone these rights. Terrorist attacks can occur in any public place, yet there is no strip search necessary to board a city bus and a Metro train. Are we really willing to give up our Constitutional rights to be safe?

    "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." - Benjamin Franklin

  • The TSA is good for no one.

    Yes, the TSA is unconstitutional, inefficient, expensive, invasive, racist, limiting, and filled with completely unnecessary "deterrents". When they search you, the TSA is not searching for anything specific, and confiscating my shampoo is very expensive. And lastly, if the TSA needed a specific suspicious item to search you, all of the 42 attempted terrorist attacks would still be thwarted.

  • Fourth Amendment Issues

    Under the fourth amendment of the US constitution, it is illegal for the federal government to perform unreasonable searches and seizures of US citizens. Without a specific red flag, there is no reason to suspect an individual of any illegal activity. A similar requirement by airline authorities themselves would not be unconstitutional, and would be a good replacement for the TSA.

  • Fourth Amendment Issues

    Under the fourth amendment to the US constitution, government agencies cannot perform unreasonable searches or seizures. Without a specific red flag for an individual, there is no reason to perform searches on individuals flying in or out of the United States. The TSA, like most federal law enforcement agencies, is an unconstitutional organization.

  • Draconian paranoia in response to false flag 9/11

    Anyone with a decent understanding of physics and the force of gravity will conclude after much thought and research that the government/media's story on the events of 9/11/01 do not make much sense. That being said the TSA along with the entire Department of Homeland Security is a fourth amendment threat and a direct attack on fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution. The DHS is Orwellian and must end if we want to preserve our freedom for future generations.

  • 4th Amemndment to the Constitution

    There is no reason to be searching American citizens. They have no legal basis whatsoever to suspect everyone of wrongdoing. Despite the reasons they say they are necessary, they act in violation to our freedoms. We are willingly choosing security over freedom, and that will cause us to be ruled not governed.

  • We only complain until it's not there.

    Only a few people are ever took to the side and checked... Just about everyone else simply walks on through as normal. It's no more unconstitutional than police doing a body check. You will be complaining about having it, until your plain is took over before it wasn't there.

    Point is... It's actually effective, and it's NO DIFFERENT than what the Police do. I would rather you get a police-style body check than run the possibilities of a bombing, and Boston proved that is still a threat.

    Very very few people actually get checked though.

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