Is the two-party system better than the multi-party system?

Asked by: mehrotra.eeshan
  • Clarity in terms of choice

    Two-party system is better because it simply denotes a clear majority in elections s compared to the multi-party system where the winning party's vote shares are often less than the votes to parties but the winning one. This scenario show how the majority does not want the party but it still wins because the non-winning party votes are divided between multiple political parties and it is not practically possible for all of them to form a coalition government together.

  • People need more choice

    Democrats and Republicans are both corrupt, And since there is no third party, We have to vote for corrupt leaders. There is no choice, No freedom. If we had a third party, Or even more, Then people actually have freedom to choose what they can vote for instead of picking the "lesser of evils".

  • It is broken

    I was stuck voting for two losers and I was told just choose the one you hate the least. NO! I want the choice to pick the one I want not some forced false choice. I few parties like maybe 4 or 5 would be good for me. The government is becomeing like two face and I hate being forced to choose something that does not work.

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