Is the type of school an important factor in deciding your child's academic success?

  • Yes, the better the fit, the better the education

    Depending on what your child likes and what the child is good at will greatly determine what the child will want to learn. There are a lot of factors in choosing the right school. If the child is isolated and lonely, that child will feel depressed and the grades will fail. Choosing the right school also needs to take in the belief system you want to instill.

  • Yes, the type of school is a very important factor to acedemic success.

    When looking at schools and school type concerning academic success you need to first take into account what you know you child already knows. A natural teacher might choose to home school your child to ensure they are being taught the way you were to continue to teach what you were taught successfully, those who know multiple languages in the household generally choose home school for a period of a child life. Some might choose a private school for academic success due to the strict nature of how the students need to learn. Others need a military school to prepare the child for issues in the strictest nature and to teach those tactics that could save our country’s people and there is even public school that is the most affordable to the American society.

  • Yes, school performance differs from district to district

    While we may have an overall set goal for education for our children, the type of teachers, how the curriculum is handled, and even the type of administration running said school can all have an impact on how much your child learns. It is important to contact and learn as much as you can about a school district before deciding to move.

  • No a childs academic success is based on the child

    It doesn't matter what school the child is placed into if the child is smart it will succeed in any school but if a child is not that smart than it dosen't matter in a private school or public school the child will still be stupid no matter what. A child;s success is determined by if the child has the will to learn or not.

  • What Happens In The Classroom

    I do not believe the type of school is important when deciding your child's academic success. In fact, I don't think you can really ensure a child's academic success. My son has been in public school for three years. In those three years he has had one awesome teacher who really helped him out, probably more so than you would expect out of a private school. The other two years, were worthless. It's all about what happens in the classroom and how the teacher operates. It matters very little what type of school it is.

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