• Absolutely, given the right candidate.

    Bernie Sanders almost won the Democratic nomination in 2016 and likely would have won the general election. Joe Lieberman won the national popular vote as the Democratic VP candidate in 2000. Americans tend to like positive thinking, charismatic, and competent candidates for president. I have every belief that a Jewish candidate with these qualities would have an excellent chance of becoming president.

  • I know I am.

    That way all the stuff with Christmas White House what not can end.We need someone who is all business all the time yes other people do that stuff for him anyway but still. No more parties no more time wasted with turkey pardners spellcheck problems so much.Help me say..More more.

  • Yes we are

    I believe that a majority of Americans have progressed enough that in most cases it doesn't matter what religion people belong to, just there platform. And although some people do still take religion into account, most of these judgments reject Islam or Atheism, which in my opinion, doesn't matter when choosing a candidate

  • Ready for the best person regardless of race, gender or religion

    If the person's platform matches the mainstream public, most don't care! I never supported Joe Lieberman because of his policies but I fully support Bernie Sanders because of platform and idea. Only a minority of Americans are hung up on such absurd nonsense. Time for those with better sense to use it.

  • Yes, we are progressive.

    Yes, the USA is ready for a Jewish president, because we are open-minded people that would not discriminate against a candidate on the basis of their religion. It is shocking that it took all the way to JFK to even have a president that was Catholic, even though Al Smith was close. But Americans have progressed, and would welcome the best candidate, regardless of religion.

  • Will never happen at once

    United States will never have a Jewish president not ever. America didn't elect Mitt Romney because he was a Mormon. There is zero chance there will ever be a Jewish president in United States history. We will have an Asian president before a Jewish president. The only Jewish candidate who has a chance is Jon Stewart.

  • A Jew will NEVER be president

    America is a historically Christian country. Americans couldn't vote for Romney because he was a Mormon (pseudo Christian). Therefore a Jew can never be president. Even a Muslim has a better chance, but that has more to do with demographic change and that would probably occur hundreds of years into the future.

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