• Definitely one of the most corrupt entities on the planet.

    Army brass can pin trumped up charges on you. They will extort money that was paid to you. They will lie to you about everything from training you properly to why they send you to war. They will give you an order and put you in jail for following it.. And i think its silly how they justify that one.. A lower enlisted soldier will never, as a matter of fact, have the right to question an orders legality. He will have to follow it.. They will get you one way or another if by some real luck they cant lie in court.
    The list goes on and on. Stay well away from joining the Army.

  • The entire military has problems, so yes the Army has corruption issues as well.

    After enlisting the Marines, I noticed right off that there was favoritism and ass kissing. After serving 5-1/2 years of a 6 year contract with nothing but high marks for my service, I was blindsided by a corrupt small group of officers who not only had my fellow Marines making false accusations against me, but denied me any recourse. After my Honorable discharge, I was then harassed by the FBI for several years under the Targeted Individual program. They spread false rumors about me and worked to raise concerns about my character to prospective colleges that I wanted to attend and places that I wanted to work. I had overheard one of the officers from that unit tell one of the other officers that I'd probably end up homeless begging for money for the rest of my life. Fortunately I wasn't alone and had help from my family and friends. The IRS even audited me. There was too much that they did to me to list here. But YES the Army and US govt are corrupt. There are good people in there who give their lives for their country to be sure. I was one of those people, but after what I saw, the govt uses your goodness against you. They do kill people legally you know. All you can do is be careful to not play their games. If you are enlisted, try to do whatever you are told and get out if you are surrounded by corruption. If you are fortunate enough to be in a unit that doesn't have corruption problems, make the most of it and enjoy it as long as it lasts.

  • Corruption is Real

    I reported an NCO for stealing live ammunition and improperly storing it. Now my unit is investigating me for criminal charges while the NCO committing the crime goes unpunished. So yeah the army, my unit especially is corrupt. It just goes to show that if you do the right thing in the Army you'll get fucked and if you do the wrong thing they'll cover up for you.

  • Very corrupt indeed

    Just look at these websites




    too many examples. You can't even trust the chaplains or IG. It's really messed up. Leaders talk all this talk of values and ethics that don't exist. Once you make it to E7 or O4 the only way to get promoted is to kiss ass (if you somehow managed to avoid it already).

  • The Army is built around their monies infrastructure

    The US Army being a lead military department is built around their infrastructure. Their infrastructure is built from money taxed from working class citizens -- what is left. Money corrupts. It corrupts career soldiers. It corrupts solder's leadership creating get along by going along. It creates a desire to ticket punch their way for rank and promotion. They lost the Vietnam war. They lost the Iraq war. They lost the Afghan war. They fire good generals and promote corrupt generals. General Petraeus is only example. They endorse this corrupt general by allowing him to speak at Fort Campbell. Then they and their historians rewrite military history. As an example of this rewrite is wikipedia history of the siege of Con Thien making it seem like a US Army operation.

  • Certainly very corrupt despite they officially deny it.

    US army budget is partially classified. Official spending is lower than actual. Everybody should be perfectly aware of black projects including illegal regime changes and funds for false flag revolutions worldwide. These illegal "projects" are very expensive and bring practically nothing to benefit the average American. Such information is unlikely to be officially revealed and we find it out years or decades later when it losts the importance.
    If you compare military technology of other nations, eg. Germany, France, Russia, there's very little difference between them, since each advanced nation has the ability to produce quality gear. US military gear is almost exclusively the most expensive while not necessarily the best. What that means? It tells that there's something very wrong and American taxpayers money ending up in wrong pockets. How is it possible for US military gear to be two, three or four times more expensive than German, Japanese, France's or Russian counterparts, when it's on the same technological level with minor diferences? Marketing makes outstanding stories and reports but the reality talks different language. Don't get me wrong, US government always claims they have "the best of the best" technology. We saw how the "best of the best" worked against Russian S-300 or Pantsir which downed F-22 on Syrian-Jordanian border and destroyed 4 most modern and the most expoensive Tomahawk cruise missiles which were aimed at Syrian people. We also had the ability to see how Russian "outdated" technology easily jammed the US most modern and the most expensive AEGIS system on Donald Cook. F-22, B-2, F-35 are not stealthy at all and Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Brasilian radars can detect them with ease as it was confirmed by Pierre Sprey who designed F-15, F-16 and a couple more aircraft. This are merely two examples out of dozens and dozens more. So where exactly the US military funds go to? Several times more expensive tech should mean several times better or superior technology...

  • What did our founding fathers believed?

    We need to take back our Army. The constitution calls for an able body militia and not an army. Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they placed this description in the Constitution. A militia isn't controlled by the government, don't get poisoned at MEPS, don't get thrown in the brig for catching an officer, and returns home in safe order.

  • Rape cultural being allowed in our Armed Forces not truly being corrected!!!

    They are not taking seriously the rape culture in our military they have undermined true correction & do not allow legal help for those that have been attacked & harmed. They have allowed the predators to work in governmental facilities to stalk & follow their victims. They only pretended to make true real corrections, instead they attack the mst person to destroy his or her life. They are not held accountable it is just a show!!! Take it out of the Chain of Command!!!

  • Rape Culture in our Armed Forces

    They are not taking seriously the rape culture in our military they have undermined true correction & do not allow legal help for those that have been attacked & harmed. They have allowed the predators to work in governmental facilities to stalk & follow their victims. They only pretended to make true real corrections, instead they attack the mst person to destroy his or her life. They are not held accountable it is just a show!!!

  • Abuse of Women

    There are many reports of women who have been forced to do sexual favors, have been raped, and treated badly. Women are not cared for or accepted in the army. Corrupt officials are forcing poor, innocent women who gave their life for this country to have sex with them and don't even give them proper medical assistance.


  • The US Army is a great, proud organization

    It is because of our armed forces that we are able to live in this great country, we are able to go about our lives without fear, we are able to speak and think freely. It is disgraceful to insult our armed forces and the US Army as being corrupt, for they are an elite group of strong, smart, and proud individuals who serve to protect their country and their fellow Americans. While not every soldier has behaved appropriately, scandals and corruption do not apply to the Army as a whole.

  • The U.S. army is not corrupt.

    The army gets out there and protects our people. Because of them, we are able to be a free country, and speak our mind. I am sure there are a few singled out people in the army whom are corrupt and don't follow the rules, but that is a person, not a whole group.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't really see any concrete evidence to suggest that the United States Army as an entire organization can be thought of as corrupt. Does it has a few problems? Yes. But let's be honest here, what group or business is completely free of any problems? The army in general is good.

  • Not as a whole

    I don't feel as though the entire U.S Army is a corrupt system. There may be some people in certain branches of the U.S Army that have seedy intentions, but not everyone involved is privy to some evil plot. I truly think that the vast majority of people that join the U.S Army are doing it out of love for their country.

  • Long time retiree

    No, the military and especially the Army is not corrupt. As in any bureaucracy corruption can and does exist at various levels within an organization. Yes, the military today has problems. Our generals and admirals act more like politicians than like generals. As within any organizations, like congress, other federal agencies and most corporations, power crazed individuals are placed in Key positions. Many should never have been promoted and the peter principle is evident. These incompetents usually don't understand their jobs or the jobs of those under them and this causes problems for everyone. But the U.S. Army as an organization and its majority of members is definitely not corrupt. Honor means more to Army members than most other organizations in our country, including the clergy.

  • Soldier in the U.S. Army

    As a soldier in the U.S. Army for 24 years, I can honestly say that the Army is not corrupt (as a whole). Do we have corruption in places, absolutely, is it widespread, absolutely not. My wife works for British Telecom and from what she tells me of that company, the U.S. Army is the most transparent and honest organization on earth. Look, all large organizations have problems with corruption but the reason, I believe, that the U.S. Army has few corruption problems is this. If I know you are doing wrong and do not report it, or punish you for your corrupt actions, then I am now liable for criminal prosecution for not doing anything about it. No other organization that I know of will arrest and prosecute an individual for not stopping a corrupt act when they found out about it. I may be selfish but if you are doing wrong and I find out about it, I am not going to jail over your corrupt ass, period. And yes, I have seen sergeants lose their stripes over this, commanders loose their commands, and then booted out of the Army, for this and careers lost, solely because they knew about someone doing a corrupt act and not doing something about it. The Army is not perfect but, as corruption goes, I think we are in the top 10 in the world for stamping it out.

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