• Yes, the U.S. is in serious financial trouble.

    The budget deficit and the national debt for the United States of America are in serious trouble. Congress has not been able to solve the problem and the executive branch does not have the will to solve anything major. Unfortunately, things will not get better unless some substantial expenditure cuts are made.

  • Dangerously close to 100 percent.

    Yes, if there will be no consensus by both sides of the political spectrum (Democrats and Republicans) on making certain cutbacks and funding certain necessary projects, then it is almost absolute that we will reach the fiscal tipping point fairly soon. If these two sides don't start to come together, then we are practically doomed financially speaking.

  • The US can not pay for many needed items.

    Yes, the U.S is at risk of a fiscal tipping point. Obviously, the U.S is having severe financial problems. The U.S can not pay for much needed programs at home much less pay off debt owed. The U.S. debt and the financial woes are growing every day. It is just a matter of time before they reach the tipping point.

  • It has been at risk.

    The United States has been at risk of a fiscal tipping point since the Bush administration. The people chose leaders who made promises they could not or refused to keep. Instead of helping the economy and making things better, the nation seems to be falling apart even more than before.

  • Yes, It Could Be If The Republican Party Had Its Way

    The United States is at a tipping point for a number of reasons. The main one is this: the president has offered to compromise, but the Republican Part seems to not be willing to even budge on core issues. This has lead to a dangerous bit of gridlock in Washington.

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