• It Will Never Be Secure Enough For Xenophobes

    The border will always be an issue to conservative opinion makers. It does not matter what actual policies are instituted, or what is actually being done. They have a hard, non-reality base view on it. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. If a wall was built, they'd complain that it is not tall enough.

    Posted by: rpr
  • I think so

    I think we have a very secure border, even with the number of illegal immigrants that come through it. They are going to come through some way no matter what, and I don't think that the way to combat it is with stricter border patrols, but through other means. Over all, I think our border is very secure, in general it keeps out dangerous individuals.

  • Yes, I feel the border is secure.

    Yes I feel the border I secure enough. I feel that if there was more money or development in Mexico, people would be less likely to leave. The US offers safety from all the crazy things that are going on there, and with me having a family, I could see someone willing to risk it all to get to a safer place that was so close.

  • Getting thier but still not thier

    The border patrol is REALLY trying, but just isn't their yet. Although it has doubled in recent years, they need to add 10,000 more border patrol agents to the mexican border and 7,000 to the northern border. They need more helicopters and more cars, and also more boats. BLM also has to step it up and arrest border crossers who cross on thier land too. The end.

  • No, It Is Not

    Despite years of trying to reverse this fact, the United States national borders are far too porous. The southern border in particular is ripe with opportunity for individuals to cross without being caught. Every day, hundreds of illegal immigrants enter our country with no accountability. While a fence may not be the answer, the border is not secure, but needs to be.

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