• Very much so

    Anybody that thinks this is a "we can push it off a while longer" needs to look at how pension plans in states across the country are doing. It started with Rhode Island and other states are coming across the same issue, when for years and years you make financial promises you can't keep and say "we'll figure out how to pay for this later" eventually it hits the fan and you're in a lot of trouble if you don't have it figured out.

  • Yes, within the next 10 years.

    It cannot be solved immediately, but we need to develop a plan to bring the deficit down a little each year over the course of about 10 years. We are in an unsustainable place, but much of it is due to excessive spending on defense and resistance to raising taxes on the wealthy.

  • Yes it's a problem

    It needs to be addressed sooner than later, you cannot spend more than you make without racking up debt if you can't even pay the minimums there are big problems ahead.

    We need to tighten our belt and get this worked out, the Bush tax cuts need to go away to the top one percent and the right wing needs to stop holding the country hostage on this situation.

  • No, it's important but not urgent

    Something that can conceivably be paid down over the course of ten years is not urgent but does need to be addressed. The deficit got this high over the course of several years of engaging in wars that we couldn't afford, and now it is time to start paying them off. Unfortunately, our country behaved irresponsibly by spending money it did not have, and just like a family who runs up its credit cards, a day of recognition finally arrives that it will have to tighten its belts and start paying the bills.

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