Is the U.S. doing enough in response to ISIS's threats against Washington?

  • Yes, the U.S. should retreat from the Middle East.

    The United States and other western countries have been involved enough in the Middle East and need to withdraw forces. It may be necessary for western countries to provide support to groups in the Middle East to fight ISIS, but I don't think we should be responding to ISIS with more international warfare. I believe ISIS is trying to engage the U.S. and Europe into a long battle we might not be able to win. It would drain our resources, decrease our credibility as countries, and our create more debt.

  • U.S. Stands Strong on ISIS Threats

    The U.S. has taken a strong stand on the ISIS threats against Washington. With extensive security measures in place, ranging from in depth intelligence and surveillance to the ISIS strikes, there is a joint strategic outline that involves all phases of the military. This joint strategy is intended to weaken ISIS, remove its funding, and ultimately end its activities.

  • Churches are being accused by Obama thinking that we invented ISIS.

    First, Obama says that ISIS is a football team. Now he's accusing our churches as if we invented ISIS by pointing to the Crusades. The far left praises this attack and denies that this isn't radical Islamic, accusing our churches as we have something to do with ISIS. Furthermore, you have Charlie Hebdo (Je Suis Charlie),we are radical extremists to the left if we are pro-sovereignty, we are terrorists if we don't take down our borders or if we secure them, if we tell immigrants to get in the back of the line. It's not about safety and national security, it's about globalism. If we don't wake up, everyone will mock, laugh, spit in our face while we rot in camps and even watch us being put to death.

  • War is profitable

    War is profitable but it also necessary, the main job of the government is to protect the citizens and that's it. States decide the laws and regulations for the citizens living in them and the governments/ constitutions job is to protect the rights of the people if they were to try to pass a law like, not being aloud to drive, or no alcohol.

  • Obama Is Inactive About ISIS

    President Obama seems to sit on his rear end and not want to do anything about the threats made by ISIS. And he wants to let more refugees in? He says these incidents are under control. How can he say that will all the attacks going on here and in France? When is he going to step up and do something?

  • No, we need to do more to protect Washington against ISIS.

    ISIS has made many threats against the U.S. that have not been carried out; I believe that they aren't being taken as seriously as they should. The fact that they have made many empty threats is definitely a reason to doubt them, but should we continue to risk it? It's like the boy who cried wolf; yes, many times there was no wolf. But, eventually.. a wolf did come. The U.S. needs to approach each threat as seriously as the other so that ISIS feels as though any attempt to attack any place on our soul would fail. Something similar to Paris could easily happen here and we should not wait around until it does. We need to take more action before the worst happens.

  • ISIS threatens America, and Obama says the biggest threat is "climate change"?!

    When our own POTUS refuses to recognize ISIS as a legitimate threat, then no, we are definitely not doing enough to respond. We just need to call it like it is, radical Islam extremists. That doesn't mean all muslims are bad, we just need to eliminate the threat before our own citizens are attacked.

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