• Dont bring a gun to a drone fight

    Drones are an excellent way to fight and eliminate Al Qaida. We are able to attack them without sending in any soldiers which saves us from having casualties. There is an added bonus in the fact that Al Qaida does not really have the weapons to effectively shoot them down. There is the problem that occasionally we may blow up an installation that was not just Al Qaida but that is the same risk that we would run if we sent boots in on the ground.

  • One at a time.

    Yes, the U.S. drone war is an effective means of eliminating A Qaida leadership, because it carries very little risk of U.S. deaths. We can send a drone to shoot at a building, rather than having to send people. The families of American soldiers really appreciate this method, rather than sending their men off to risk their lives.

  • Yes it was

    Yes it was the one that more than anything help to find Osama Bin Laden and they couldn't have gotten there without the help of the use of the drones. The drones worked really well and they have taken out quite a few Al Qaida members via this way. It is the ultimate spy technology.

  • I doubt the effectiveness of drones in the War on Terrorism

    It would be nice if we could fire missiles from the sky like in some video game and destroy out enemies. This simply isn't the real world. We can only kill, at most, a few hundred terrorist a year with drones. Ideology and circumstance will create many millions vulnerable to the rhetoric of hate. The problems are of a kind that can't be addressed by flying killer robots. I don't know what the answer is long term. I guess the best outcome of the drone attacks is that we can slow the momentum of the terrorist by injuring their leadership.

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