Is the U.S. economy a bigger threat to national security than al Qaeda?

  • Yes, the debt is a much bigger long term problem.

    The US debt is a tremendous problem to the US economy. If it continues to operate in the current manner with unethical business practices and the huge gap between the wealthy and the poor, it will collapse the US eventually. Al Qaeda is a relatively smaller problem in the scope of things. It could even be argued that the problem with Al Qaeda ultimately stems from our economic and political practices.

  • Yes, the U.S. Economy Remains the Biggest Threat

    The United States is going to have to come to terms fairly quickly with the fact that most of our true wealth has diminished and may never return. Large corporations have found cheap labor elsewhere and keep their earnings in offshore accounts in order to avoid taxation. The rest of our money has gone to private defense contractors so none of the money that would support our economy, such as in World War II, will be reintroduced into our coffers. Right now we are extremely vulnerable financially, economically and educationally. If we don't have the skills to hold high tech and better paying jobs compared to people in other countries, that leaves us without the ability to prosper as a nation and protect our assets.

  • God yes

    This is such a problem it's ridiculous. Everyone is so afraid of being attacked that they don't really look at the fact that if we don't get our budget, military, and social issues under control, really truly take care of our homeland first, that there isn't going to be anything for us to fight FOR.

  • The. U.S economy is the biggest threat to national security!

    All you need to do is look around at the state of our nation to see that the dire state of our economy is the biggest threat to our national security. Americans are going without homes, jobs, and food daily because our economy fails to provide the necessary means of survival.
    We need job solutions, and before that, we need income solutions. We need to stop increasing our national debt and stop allowing big banks and corporations to unevenly control the economy.
    The American people are suffering because our economy is in shambles.
    Sure, threats outside of the nation are a big deal too but, how can we protect ourselves from the outside world when we're ravaging ourselves from the inside?

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